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10 pointless reasons to push a trolley for the hell of it

by Penina

The thing with Christmas is that people spend a lot of time in stores running around with trolleys. But is all that shopping really necessary? Read on to discover why pushing a trolley around a mall on a crowded busy Saturday can not only be pointless but quite stressful. If you are looking for an easy path to a happy Christmas you’ll love these Christmas shopping tips, which will also save you stacks of money.

1. Pushing a trolley because of too many shopping trips

You must read my article about getting Christmas smashed out within an hour, which emphasises how quickly Christmas can be executed. This method all comes down to pre-planning before your hands even reach a trolley.
The big tip is:
Don’t go to the shops too much. You won’t have to tire yourself out pushing a trolley and you’ll save money on the associated costs of Christmas (e.g Coffees, donuts and kids asking for stuff).

2. Pushing a trolley out of stores when you can stay in store

One of my biggest tips is to go to one store and stay in that store. Schedule a set period of time e.g 1 or 2 hours and get in and out. You won’t then be pushing trolleys aimlessly around stores in a manic shopping attack.

3. Pushing a trolley too far from where you parked

Plan your trip well (e.g a midweek afternoon or early or late in the day) so you can get a parking near your store of choice. This way, you’ll only have to push that trolley a short distance to the car and save energy. This also means you won’t bypass a bunch of shops on the way and succumb to unneccessary purchases. Remember: Marketing is very strong – so be aware of that.

4. Giving into the whims of your kids and pushing them places in or on the trolley

Definitely find a babysitter and hit the shops alone. Kids will nag and nag you and you’ll end up pushing them to play areas, lolly shops, toilets and many other destinations of their choice. Leave the kids at home.

5. Pushing trolleys to go and get lunch, snacks and drinks

Eat before you go shopping so you won’t get hungry in the middle of your Christmas shopping trip. Also carry water and snacks in your bag, so you won’t spend money. That goes for takeout coffee too. Bring one from home in a portable thermo coffee mug that looks like a real coffee cup.

6. Pushing a trolley into a toilet

While nature can’t be helped do try to hit the loo before leaving home. That way you won’t be stuck in a shop with a trolley full of items when the need hits.

7. Pushing a trolley to wander aimlessly around a mall

While Christmas shopping always shop with a budget and gift list. Be strategic or you’ll just be pushing that thing around all day, spending money on donuts and coffees and getting stressed and tired.

8. Letting your kid push a trolley all over the place

My kids always want to push a trolley if I do make the silly mistake of taking them with me. They’ll push that thing all over the place and you’ll just spend a heap of precious minutes getting the trolley back on track. If possible, as above, leave the kids at home so you can keep that trolley and where its going under control.

9. Pushing a trolley around looking for your kids

If you do shop with the kids you will know that the little devils love to ‘disappear’ in a store. Albeit I can usually find mine in the toy department, but it is much harder chasing kids when you are in control of a full trolley. Again – another reason to leave them at home.

10. Pushing a trolley to find ‘a better gift’ somewhere else

Stick to your list and stay focused. Get in and get out. That’s the key point that will remove the stress from Christmas shopping and save you stacks of money.
Good luck with your trolley expeditions this Christmas. I hope my tips have helped you avoid pushing a trolley for the hell of it.

Oh and here are some other pointless reasons to push a trolley:


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