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6 reasons all presents are so refundable

by Penina

It’s that time of year and there’s great news. You are about to get a whole lot of presents! Christmas is wonderful like that and its warming to know there are a bunch of loved ones out there shopping just for you. But occasionally people do get it wrong and you might end up with a lemon. If this happens to you read on to discover my list of six reasons all presents are well…refundable.

You don’t actually have to like your present

Just because someone gives you a present understand that you don’t have to like it. From an etiquette point of you, it is best to pretend you do. Graciously say thank you. If the person is very close to you, you might get away with the complete honest approach, which is “Mmmm…I just don’t like it.” You don’t have to exactly say the words. You can use facial expressions to convey your message.

Many companies don’t require receipts for refunds anymore

The great news is that many companies don’t often ask or require the receipts anymore. This is great because you could gently ask your gift-giver where they got the present and then pop in there after Christmas and make a quiet exchange. This way, you won’t offend the person who so kindly picked it out for you.

Some presents are just plain thoughtless

If the present is thoughtless and you know it – you might like to say so. If you don’t say anything simply take it back and ask for a refund. Simple. If the present is edible, scoff down the goods, share them around and move on. Life is too short to get caught up on a box of chocolates, when you really wanted a NavMan. Bit sad, but never mind. Life can be unfair sometimes and you don’t always get what you want.

There are a bunch of excuses you can use

Here are a few excuses you can use when returning a present:

  1. Wrong size
  2. Doesn’t work properly
  3. Didn’t come with good enough instructions
  4. You already have one
  5. The color is wrong
  6. It won’t fit in the house
  7. It doesn’t match your style
  8. It doesn’t match decor in your home
  9. It’s hard to understand
  10. You already have one

You can take it back and get something you really want

If you do take your gift back and get a refund the good news is you get to exchange for something you actually want!

You could always regift it if you are ‘over the shops’

On the other hand, if you are sick of shopping you can simply re-gift it. Just make sure you don’t give it back to the same person who gave it to you next year!

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