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How to do Christmas dishes fast and impress people

by Penina

Christmas provides all mums, dads, nanas, foodies and fanatics the chance to show off their skills in the kitchen. But while most of us are thinking about recipes and table centrepieces, have you considered non-edible ways to impress people? I’m talking with amazing dishwashing skills. Learn how to do this and I can tell you that people won’t be looking at the food and if you are the ultimate attention seeker – you’ll reap the benefits of a stunned and totally WOWed audience. Note: If you find your skills cannot match the calibre below, there’s always the dishwasher or paper plates 🙂

Watch on to learn from the best dishwashing masters on YouTube

I want to move these amazing dishwashers into my house – permanently

Incredible dishwashing fanning skills

And while I’m here check out the amazing skills of these people

Wish I could blog this fast…

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