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12 drinking facts that will really bamboozle you

by Penina

We are a nation who loves a drink that’s for sure. But next time you are sipping on an ice-cold beer in the shed or dropping a strawberry into your Champagne, consider these facts. These make for wonderful conversation while you are actually drinking and are a sure-fire hit (conversation starter) with friends or family who will think you oh-so interesting to chat with.

Here are the 12 drinking facts that will really bamboozle you

They’ll also make you think about drinking in a different light!

  1. Alcohol production started about 12,000 years ago
  2. Ancient Romans thought that eating a fried canary would cure a hangover (I’m thinking of the KFC modern equivalent!)
  3. Ancient Greeks thought cabbage to be a great hangover cure
  4. 13 of the most essential minerals for human life can be found in alcohol
  5. There are 49 million bubbles (well, not that exact number) in a bottle of Champagne
  6. Alcohol actually lowers your body temperature, which most people think is the opposite
  7. This sentence includes all the letters of the alphabet: Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.
  8. Most fruit and veg contain tiny amounts of alcohol
  9. The world’s oldest recipe is drum roll….beer
  10. Our bodies actually produce alcohol every day 24/7
  11. There are school cafeterias in Europe that serve students alcohol
  12. Out in space there is a ‘cloud of alcohol’ that can produce four trillion-trillion drinks!

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