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Gift ideas for boys that will get you more mummy points

by Penina

Boys can be hard to buy for and depending on the age of your child, the choice out there can be overwhelming. I’ve put together this super simple list of gifts for boys (roughly age 10-12) that will keep them out of trouble and occupied for hours, weeks and months.

Here’s my quick list of gift ideas for boys that get you more mummy points:

  1. Basketball hoop and ball
  2. Scooter (just make sure its cool)
  3. Phone case
  4. ITunes card – So they can buy apps

Every boy wants a robot

  1. Robots (They’re big this year)
  2. Camping Gear
  3. A Watch – Handy if they’re riding or walking to school
  4. Nerf or Water Guns – Great for the summer
  5. Garden water slides
  6. Remote control toys

Just make sure the gift is cool

  1. Musical instruments E.g Guitar and learn to play apps
  2. Sunnies or a gift card to pick out some sunnies
  3. Headphones – the coolest ones you can find
  4. Practical joke packs
  5. New socks and jocks (stocking fillers)
  6. Speakers
  7. Quadcopters

There’s nothing like a good gadget

  1. Gadgets
  2. Bedroom door signs
  3. Age relevant board games

Got great gift ideas for boys. Leave them in comments below.

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