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We are a nation who loves a drink that’s for sure. But next time you are sipping on an ice-cold beer in the shed or dropping a strawberry into your Champagne, consider these facts. These make for wonderful conversation while you are actually drinking and are a sure-fire hit (conversation starter) with friends or family who will think you oh-so interesting to chat with.

Here are the 12 drinking facts that will really bamboozle you

They’ll also make you think about drinking in a different light!

  1. Alcohol production started about 12,000 years ago
  2. Ancient Romans thought that eating a fried canary would cure a hangover (I’m thinking of the KFC modern equivalent!)
  3. Ancient Greeks thought cabbage to be a great hangover cure
  4. 13 of the most essential minerals for human life can be found in alcohol
  5. There are 49 million bubbles (well, not that exact number) in a bottle of Champagne
  6. Alcohol actually lowers your body temperature, which most people think is the opposite
  7. This sentence includes all the letters of the alphabet: Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.
  8. Most fruit and veg contain tiny amounts of alcohol
  9. The world’s oldest recipe is drum roll….beer
  10. Our bodies actually produce alcohol every day 24/7
  11. There are school cafeterias in Europe that serve students alcohol
  12. Out in space there is a ‘cloud of alcohol’ that can produce four trillion-trillion drinks!

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Before we know it New Year’s Eve will be here and I thought I’d preempt the event with a compilation of some daring and delicious cocktail recipes, which are also easy on the waistline. Whether you are celebrating New Year’s Eve with a few close friends or a party of 100+ these recipes are a nice way to add some delicious bling to the table and what’s on the menu. Enjoy!

How to create cocktails on a budget

The best way to make cocktails on a budget is to select one cocktail base such as Vodka or Gin. Then select numerous ingredients to make a variety of cocktails from the same base ingredients.

Here’s a little trivia about alcohol that you could discuss with your party guests

  1. The human race has been drinking for approximately 12,000 years
  2. Pioneering travellers like Columbus drank sherry as their drink of choice
  3. Winston Churchill’s mother invented the Manhatten Cocktail
  4. Many early farmers started farming to produce alcohol not food!
  5. A bottle of Champagne contains approximately 49 million bubbles
  6. All 13 minerals essential for human life can be found in alcohol!
  7. The only part of the body warmed by alcohol is the skin
  8. The word ‘toast’ comes from ancient Rome and means wishing good health. The Romans would drop toasted bread in wine.
  9. Southern France vineyard soil is so precious workers scrape the soil off their shoes before leaving.
  10. Alcohol lowers body temperature rather than raising it – which is the opposite to popular belief.
  11. The US anthem ‘Star Spangled Banner’ was actually written to the tune of a drinking song.
  12. Most veggies and fruit contain a small amount of alcohol in them.
  13. Drinking a glass of milk can result in a 0.02 alcohol reading
  14. Sir Winston Churchill was one of the world’s heaviest drinkers.
  15. The world’s oldest recipe is for beer.
  16. Many high school cafeterias in Europe serve alcohol to students who wish to drink.
  17. A mixed drink absorbs into the body quicker than a shot.
  18. Distilled spirits (Rum, tequila, brandy and gin etc) contain no carbs, cholesterol or fats.
  19. Abraham Lincoln owned taverns and held a liquor licence.
  20. A ‘beer belly’ is actually caused by eating to much food, not drinking too much beer.
  21. Moderate alcohol consumption does not destroy brain cells. Actually, this is associated with improved mental functioning!
  22. There is no worm in Tequila. It’s in mescal – and is a butterfly caterpillar!

Here’s that compilation of daring and delicious skinny cocktails!

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Love to party but hate a hangover? Save your liver with these practical party tips on how to party on, have fun, go crazy but still avoid getting a hangover in the morning by avoiding drinking as much alcohol as you normally would.

How to party hard without getting a hangover. Feel better in the morning!

Avoid salty foods

They make you thirsty. You will drink more.

Watch the clock

Try to drink just one drink per hour. Pace yourself.

Start with a non-alcoholic drink

Let others get ahead of you. Start of slow. Watch the clock and then after about 7.30pm-8.00pm after a little food you can go a little crazy. This way you will drink for less hours.

Organise something to do tomorrow around 9am-10am

If this is in your mind you will probably get yourself to bed a little earlier.

Drink from a can or a bottle

That way you host can’t come and top up your glass with more alcohol. Also if you are trying not to drink at all you can top that beer can up with water!

Keep a bottle of mineral water

If it is in front of you when you are drunk you are likely to take a sip.
Have the odd non-alcoholic drink like a lemon lime bitters between drinks. Have two drinks and then a non-alcoholic drink and so forth.

Keep busy

Hosts always need help. Get in the kitchen. Help the host prep dinner and clean up. This way you will have to put your glass down!

Go into the party with a plan

Write down a plan and what time you will leave the party. E.g I am going to leave the party at 1am. Try it anyway!

Take a selfie

Next time you party hard and wake up with a bad hangover take a photo of yourself and then the next time you go to a party take the picture with you on the phone. It will be a great reminder of why you don’t want to go as hard this time!
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