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20 gifts for mums that will get you more hugs

by Penina

Mums work hard all year and I’ve been researching some awesome gifts for mums, if you’re not sure what a mum would really want.
Here’s my big list of 20 gifts I’d personally love and that would have me dishing out hugs all day long.

Consider gifts for mum that make her feel nice

  1. A massage. Even if it’s a cheap one from the mall.
  2. Mums like to smell sweet.
  3. Movie tickets. There’s nothing like a trip to the movies for a mum who wants some space.

Mums like to pick their own clothes

  1. Gift cards for clothes. That way she can choose the stuff herself.
  2. Gift cards for shoes. Same as above.
  3. Things that makes mum’s life more easy. E.g A menu planning book.
  4. New slippers, jim jams or Ugg boots

Reading can be a luxury item and lovely to do

  1. A book mum’s been wanting to buy
  2. A weekender bag for those trips over the holidays
  3. A soda stream for adding some fizz to mum’s lemon water
  4. Useful car accessories since she spends so much time in the car
  5. A portable coffee cup for those school drop offs
  6. A great pair of headphones
  7. Meditation CDs or relaxation gifts

There’s nothing like a weekend away or time gifts

  1. A weekend away mum can share with hubby or a friend
  2. Mum’s lose theirs to little fingers.
  3. An Officeworks gift card so mum can pick out a new diary.
  4. Framed pictures of the kids for mum’s office.
  5. Apps or subscriptions for making mum’s life easier.
  6. Cute vouchers promising mum your time and help.

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