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20 ways to pimp your money mindset

by Penina

Pimp your money mindset and start loving abundance I say! I’ve always been a believer that attitude is everything. If you think ‘broke’ – you will be. The mind is an amazing machine for making a fear – such as ‘broke’ – materialise.
On a positive note, I’ve thought myself into a lot of great adventures and wins. I started when I was a kid entering competitions. I won a heap of stuff including a dog, a swimsuit, $100 and then when I was at Uni I won $10,000!
Yeah, believe it. Great things happen every day if you are simply ‘in to win’ and start your day with the right attitude.
In terms of money mindset, just by changing your attitude you can achieve big things.

Here are my top 20 ways to pimp your money mindset for attracting wealth and becoming a money magnet

Repeat affirmations like these daily

  1. I deserve wealth.
  2. Making money is really easy.
  3. Cash is my friend.
  4. Saving money is a walk in the park.
  5. Dollars make me happy.
  6. Money flows through my life like a river.
  7. Money is makes my life easy.
  8. A whole lot of money is coming to me.
  9. I am swimming in money.
  10. I am a money magnet

Get good at visualising money

  1. Write out cheques from an old cheque book including large amounts. Visualise this is real money!
  2. Start stashing notes in your wallet but don’t spend the money. Feel it become heavier.
  3. Mock up a photo of yourself in photoshop surrounded by money.
  4. Mock up a picture of you in front of your dream house, car or luxury life.
  5. Fill out bank deposit slips with large money amounts on them. Visualise this happening.
  6. Send a few large, fake cheques to yourself in the mail.
  7. Use photoshop to mock up a better bank balance. Really picture that.
  8. Start acting, feeling and living rich. Read luxury travel magazines for example.
  9. Wear some bling and pretend it’s real.
  10. Meditiate and feel the money and rich life flow through you.

Money mindset is as easy as what is on this list. Keep your wealth attraction strategy simple. Simply use a little imagination and creativity and you will go far! Good luck!


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