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3 vital steps for safe shopping online

by Penina

When shopping online I like to consider myself a savvy shopper. No. Scrub that. I like to consider myself a super-strategic online shopping guru. For example, I just travelled New Zealand for $1 a day in a luxury relocation 8-berth campervan! You can’t beat deals much better than this and let me assure you – a good time was had by all. An even better time was had, by me, with the warm and fuzzy knowledge of knowing that our time in the hot pools, and enjoying fine NZ wine and delicious seafood platters with friends wasn’t getting sucked up by our accommodation costs.

Shopping online is an amazing money-saving experience

My little NZ getaway was a true bargain and an amazing adventure. I scored this great deal by digging around online and had my entire NZ trip planned within an hour during my lunch break!   But

Did you know?

That this Christmas almost three quarters (74%) of Australian’s will enjoy the cost-savings of internet shopping. Yep. Your mother, brother or little cousin Ned will all be sitting up late on their iphones, laptops and computers this Christmas browsing the web for a unique and nifty present for you!

But how can your mum, brother or your little cuzzie Ned stay safe online?

Though the internet is a fabulous place where you can buy anything from a new kitchen to an awesome pair of boots you don’t want the convenience and cost-savings of internet shopping to come with the risk of wrecking your financial safety-net.

Here is my quick 3-step guide for ensuring your safety and security when shopping online

1. Get smart about security

Always make sure stores you purchase from act securely. It may be tedious, but if a store requires you to enter your pin code and card number, it’s for your own benefit – the store is making you go through this process as a precaution, rather than saving and storing your information.
Likewise, have a look at the URL next time you’re buying on the web. The HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol, the language used online. However, when inputting financial information, this should be HTTPS. The extra letter stands for secure and is something you should always look for.

2. Get better at backups

Likewise, it’s always useful to have various backup plans. While they most often won’t need to be used, it’s a little extra comfort that many will undoubtedly appreciate.
While your bank will make reasonable efforts, your American Express Credit Card can offer 24-hour customer service alongside refund and purchase protection options. In addition to its usual rewards, this means you’re only a phone-call away should you need to talk to someone.

3. Start stashing those receipts

While it can sometimes be tempting to throw away receipts with clothes, you never should. It might need to be returned soon after purchase, in which case that little paper becomes all the more important.
This is exactly the same online. Online stores will typically e-mail you receipts, so do not delete these. Should you ever need to flag something up, track progress or simply discuss relative matters, this receipt is your proof of purchase for a variety of situations.
Combine this with your credit card protection and you have a multi-layered defence to ensure you get the goods you paid for.
Happy shopping!
Now that you have discovered the three vital steps to shopping online safely and securely you can go nuts! Happy shopping online!

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