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4 savvy tips for creating an awesome first impression

by Penina

If you’ve ever had a hangover at work you might want to pop a Berocca and drink up a few of these valuable tips for making a better impression at work. In one of the biggest booze drinking countries in the world – there are plenty of people who have had at least one experience when, on the very day they were supposed make the best impression ever, they were not in the most optimal state or condition.

Split decisions

Here’s a scenario for instance:
Last night your old mate popped over for a cold one. It was a beautiful balmy night. You thought that an innocent drink would be fine and in the back of your mind you knew you ‘had to get to work.’ But you worked hard all day and one wouldn’t hurt right? Wrong! For Aussies who love a drink, ‘just one’ coupled with electric conversation, weather and an innocent natter by the BBQ will sometimes lead to more than ‘just one.’ As you are ushering your well-meaning friend out the door at 1am – you might be left with that dreaded feeling wondering how you might ‘pull up’ in the morning.
So then there’s work. You’ve sculled down at least three coffees before work and you’ve arrived crumbled, unironed and scattered. It’s going to be a very long day.

Bad scenario

But as Murphy’s Law would have it, this day will be the very day the CEO decides to pay a visit to your desk. And as the words scramble their way out of your mouth and into his or her airspace, you’ve got that awful sinking feeling that you’ve wrecked everything.
It’s too late. That CEO has just formed his first impression of you – and it isn’t a pretty one.
Despite that fact that on a normal day you are a highly functioning individual, the new CEO now has a picture of you as a disheveled ‘how did we hire him / her?’ question running through his head. And this first impression is one that will be forever embedded in the CEO’s mind.
Much like in social situations, first impressions in the business world are vital. A bad day and wrong move can like the scenario above will instantly lose the confidence of potential employers, customers and clients.

Here are 4 savvy tips for creating an awesome first impression

1. Dress the part

Whether you are a genius computer guru or an honours statistician, not looking presentable will lose you points and fast. Yes, some offices are more casual in this era, but erring on the side of looking professional or even overdressed will hold you in good stead with your employer. You don’t have to deny your own style or personality, just get creative with ways you can adapt your style to a more formal look. If you need ideas there’s always Google!

2. Communicate effectively

To give a good first impression, always speak clearly, professionally, concisely and at an even pace. Don’t talk over people, be a listener and ask the right questions. Give colleagues the help and time they deserve and be a team player – always. Show interest in what people are saying – especially the boss and be sure to use a person’s name. Just don’t overdo this – as overuse of a person’s name can be very annoying.

3. Analyse body language

90% of effective communication is through body language. If you really don’t want to talk to someone make sure you don’t stand in front of him or her with your arms crossed. This is a dead giveaway that you are feeling guarded. There are a lot of people in the workplace who read and have done courses on body language and they will notice! Also don’t shake people’s hands as if your hand was a limp fish! Give a firm handshake and look the person in the eye as you are doing so. Smile. Always eye connect to show you can be trusted. Also show enthusiasm up to the point that you don’t look like a phony.

4. Clean your office space

Clean your desk before leaving work and as you work. Your office space is a reflection of what is in your head and how organised your are. Offices filled with stacks of paper, and even dirty boardrooms and kitchens leave a lasting impression of a disorganised company. Some offices even have rodent and roach problems – that are absolutely a no-no! People will immediately question a company’s credibility and efficiency if their office space is mess. If the company you work for has issues like this raise your thoughts at the next meeting make suggestions such as hiring a cleaning company or a pest control company like Trusted Pest Management Australia who can assist with such matters. Plus! These costs are tax deductible – so this is always a win-win for an employer.
Do you have any business tips for creating a lasting first impression? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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