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4 super smart ways to a more sustainable home

by Penina

4 super smart ways to a more sustainable homeSustainability has been a buzzword for many years but with ever-increasing capital growth and industry, living a more sustainable life is fast becoming a necessity for both present and future generations. The Australian dream was once ‘to own your own home.’  Now owning a home and minimising the costs associated with living in it have become a goal and priority. With soaring energy bills and the cost of living becoming more expensive, it is harder for Aussies to save money. While it is not always convenient or possible to create a completely eco-friendly home, there are many ways to reduce bills and one’s footprint on the planet at the same time.

Here are 4 super smart ways to a more sustainable home

1. Work smarter, not harder

Becoming more sustainable can start with simple acts like switching off light bulbs around the house. The first part of the recycling pyramid is to reduce, so choose low-watt (LED) energy saving light bulbs for your home. Not only do they provide a good amount of light, they last longer than regular bulbs and use less energy. Changing a light bulb is one of those ‘two minute jobs’ so in under half an hour you will already have made a huge difference to your electricity bill.

2. Think before you toss

Before throwing out a piece of furniture think of the variety of ways you could repurpose it. Will it look like new if you give it another layer of paint? Reusing items is a fantastic way to save money and feel better about your impact on the environment. Have you printed a stack of files recently? Use the blank side as scrap paper instead of throwing it away. Reuse old containers to add small plants to the interior of your home – the possibilities are simply endless. Alternatively sell your stuff on Gumtree or eBay and put a little more cash in your pocket.

3. Make the switch to solar

Switching to solar power is still a solid investment especially with the soaring energy bills. Depending on timing and your region, your home solar installation may be backed by a government grant where the installation itself is subsidised. Solar panels will also ensure your carbon footprint is reduced dramatically. If those panels create enough electricity, you may even receive money back on your next energy bill!  Most solar panels well pay for themselves in the long-term. Head over to Australian Solar Quotes for more information on how solar panels could benefit you.

4. Make an ongoing commitment to yourself

Sustainability at home is not a one-off project. Being ‘sustainable’ means making choices that won’t negatively affect future generations. It feels good to do something to improve the environment for years beyond your own. If you want to really make changes toward a more sustainable lifestyle and home,  make wiser choices at each step of your day. Such actions could include:

Here are a few bonus ideas

  • Buying rechargeable batteries at the shop
  • Recycling plastic and paper products at home
  • Tending to your own garden patch in the morning
  • Planting drought-tolerant plants during the weekend
  • Bulk-cooking to save energy

Check out my articles on how you can save on electricity and gas and also water for over 300+ super-fast tips on  overview of all the ways you can reuse, reduce and recycle.
Many small actions add up to one big impact on your wallet and the planet. If you’re looking to make living in your home more affordable, while you reduce your impact on the planet, these four super smart tips will get you started.
Do you have any handy tips you’d like to share? Feel free by commenting below!

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