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5 little tips for producing wicked energy savings

by Penina

Windows and doors are usually things we open, close and walk in and out of. But have you considered their energy saving qualities? Replacing windows and doors can really reduce those soaring energy bills. But when it comes to choosing more energy-efficient options, consumers are overwhelmed with the choice. The technology, terminology and options on the market today can be a minefield. Read on to discover 5 practical tips for making energy savings this year.

Information is your ammunition

Homeowners should arm themselves with the right information for making good choices with all the options in mind. This is especially true as energy costs continue to climb dramatically. The the savings from replacing single-panel with energy-efficient windows ranges from $125 to $340 a year for a typical home.
Since this is the time of year homeowners start on renovation and home projects, here are five practical tips for selecting the most energy-efficient windows and doors for your home.

Install double-glazed windows

Choose double-glazed windows to control the amount of heat transferred through the window and prevents heat loss in the winter.

Energy efficient glass – Low-e Glass

Enquire about windows and glass doors, which also include energy efficient glass. Technology has really changed the way we conserve energy.
Here’s how low-e glass works:

Source: Weiyaoglass.com

Watch how they’re made

There are actually doors with energy-efficient cores, sills and frames that provide a barrier to energy exchange. Double-glazed and Low-E glass ensures windows and doors are sealed and energy efficient. For example, over time, steel doors made with polystyrene maintain energy ratings better than doors made with polyurethane.

Understand energy ratings

You can learn about energy ratings at energyrating.gov.au. Make sure the windows and doors you install meet the standards and so you purchase the best ones for the job.

Focus on efficiency, not fancy features

Manufacturers achieve efficiency in different ways. No matter the technology, one of the easiest ways to identify the most energy-efficient products is to simply look at the star rating.
Do you have some great energy-saving tips? Be sure to leave your thoughts in comments below.

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