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5 questions to ponder when buying a new car

by Penina

Recently hubby and I purchased a new vehicle. He had been driving around in an old (but reliable) Pajero for way-too-many years, and after much persuasion, I convinced him that investing in a new car was necessary. See those reasons below. During this process we discovered that there are many vital pieces of money-saving information you need to be aware of.
Read on to discover 5 questions you can ask yourself before investing in a new car and to discover what happened to poor old Bill.
Note: To further your research, which is time well invested when buying a car, you can look at new car finance options online from vehicle finance experts like Dreamloans or read more at sites like Wikipedia so you can have full information before purchasing.

My frugal hubby needed some persuading

These were some of the benefits I pitched to to hubby to help him make this decision
  1. With advances in technology he coud speak to the new car and it would speak back
  2. He’d get cruise control and never get a speeding ticket again
  3. He’d have plush new seats with no rips in them and many more features than his existing car
  4. The doors would unlock with the click of button and a person wouldn’t have to have the skills of a thief just to open the driver’s door.  (Yeah, his car was that old!)
  5. He’d get a stereo that actually works and Bluetooth so he could call his mates or his mother while driving
  6. His customers would think him very savvy and successful
  7. He would save us stacks on petrol with a more efficient car
  8. He’d get tax benefits from doing the deal
  9. We (the devoted family members) would get the pleasure of some high-quality family weekend drives and roadtrips
  10. He could ‘treat the kids’ to a respectable drive to school and back when it was his turn for drop-offs or pick-ups

He agreed.  How could he not? I make a fabulous, logical and exciting argument! (No really…)
So, after trading in his old beast and proudly driving his new car up the drive, he admitted I was right (again) and I must say – this was win for me and a WIN is always grand in the fun game that is marriage.

Here are 5 questions you should ponder before buying a car

1. Is the car reliable?

Get online and research the most reliable cars in the market. There’s no worse-case scenario than making repayments on a lemon – that’s like putting a heap of your hard-earned cash into a backpack and throwing it into a river.
To find out if the car you’re financing is reliable, check out articles and reviews online. You can even go as far as searching product recalls in the automobile industry, if you have that kind of time. Do the hard research now to avoid having to sell and buy again in five years or sooner. Because, from my experience, I haven’t met many people who find selling a car and buying another one, to be on their list of ‘top 10 things to do this week.’

2. What are your finance options?

How will you be paying for your new car? It’s vital to research all the finance options available, and work out which plan will best serve your needs. If you are a savvy saver, one of the best options is to save for the car and buy it outright, unless you are in business. In this case, leasing a car may be a better option. If you don’t have that kind of saving savyyness yet, learn about novated leases, or car loans. Also see what finance packages the car dealership has on offer.
Remember: Research equals savings!

3. How long will this car last you?

Cars should be reliable. No-one likes sitting on a highway on a cold dark night calling a mechanic or a tow truck. While car reliability is essential, also consider the current and future transport needs of you and your family.

Here’s a point you might ponder:
  • Are you planning to expand your small family?
  • Will your vehicle still suit you in five years’ time?
  • What is the length of a new car finance contract in terms of future plans?

4. What is the resale value of the car?

Use online tools to work out the resale value of the car make and model in question. Motoring associations are also useful. In fact, they will often have databases that will give you an idea of how the car will fare if it needs to be resold. This data often includes safety, reliability, cost and car maintenance factors.

5. Do you have any specific requirements?

Take any special needs into account when making a decision:

  • Do you need a finance deal with the option to freeze payments? If you work for yourself and have some slack periods, you may prefer a financing option that is more flexible.
  • Do you need reverse parking sensors?
  • Do you need more than the usual amount of leg room?
  • Do you need lots of boot space for carting a pram or groceries around?

In summary

Here’s a scenario that will get you thinking about how every decision is key to your longterm happiness
What happend to Bill
  • Bill is standing in the rain on a highway in the dark waiting for a tow truck, with his family groceries squished in the back because his car boot is too small.
  • While he’s standing in the rain, risking getting run over by oncoming traffic, he’s pondering that the car he financed is not only a lemon, but the interest rates on that lemon are killing his family finances.
  • Because his car payments are so high, he’s had to skip Poker with the boys because (embarrassingly), he couldn’t afford the slab of beer to participate.
  • Instead, because he was free and loafing around the house, his wife asked him to make himself useful by getting the groceries.
  • If he’d done his research in the first place and spent the hard yards online, he wouldn’t be standing on this highway with a lemon – but instead sipping a beer and enjoying some well-deserved time out in his mate’s man-cave.

More sadness…

Beware of the pitfalls and reap the savings

Buying a new car is exciting but beware of all the pitfalls. Do your research and ask the right questions so you don’t end up like Bill. This will ensure financing your new car is a hassle-free experience and you can get on with the life you really want to live.
Do you have any other important questions from your car financing experience? Share your comments below.

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