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14 reasons I am investing in luxury this silly season

by Penina

I love a little bit of hotel luxury especially since we are in the second year of a complete home renovation. I jump at the chance to stay in a beautiful hotel, just to escape the dust and filth that comes with plastering walls, ripping out tiles and standing on ladders putting string lines on ceilings. And, now that hayfever and the silly season are here, I have even more reasons to run away from my dirty little life!

I’m investing in luxury this silly season to:

  1. Escape laundry duties for an entire weekend
  2. Wake up to zero screaming kids jumping on my belly (They’re going to Nanna’s)
  3. Enjoy the rare pleasure of a sleep in
  4. Go for a run out on a city street or near a river
  5. To fiddle with those little hotel luxuries like packet soap & sugar
  6. Ignore doing dishes or making my own bed
  7. Soak up the silence of a beautiful hotel room
  8. Watch TV in bed ALL day in my jim-jams drinking quality cups of tea
  9. Have a nice rest after the massive year I’ve just had
  10. Cash in on hotel hot deals and because life is too short not to book one
  11. Spend the emergency fund I’ve been putting away for some luxury time
  12. Have an uninterrupted conversation with hubby!
  13. Prepare myself for the onslaught of all things Christmas & New Year
  14. Get some ‘all about me’ time finally

There are many more reasons – trust me, but I must press on with my story…

Here’s a visual of the kind of luxury I’m talking about:


I went on the hunt for some awesome deals on luxury & found ‘em!

There’s nothing better than scoring a little bit of luxury for a less. There’s even more pleasure in finding affordable luxury. When you hunt for deals you get nice little extras like an extra long sleep in (with a late checkout), $20 mini bar credit, free WIFI or use of the onsite gym, a free breakfast or 15% off.
So I’ve been on the hunt for some awesome online deals and I’ve just discovered Adara Hotels Apartments. They currently have three properties— Camperdown, Collins St and Richmond. Check out their deals and packages at their special offers page here.

Freebies and inclusions on offer include:
  • 12 noon late checkout
  • Complimentary internet
  • Mini bar credit
  • Free WIFI
  • Onsite gym use
  • Free breakfast
  • Or a percentage off full price
  • New hotel opening specials
  • Refurbishment specials
  • Stay an extra night for free

Always check out offers and deals online to score as much as possible for your hard-earned dollar.

3 quick tips for finding deals online

What are your reasons to treating yourself to a little bit of luxury? Submit them in comments below!

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