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OMG! How to have the best Valentine's Day ever

by Penina

OMG! I can’t believe that Valentine’s Day is already here. Just when I thought all the marketing was over for Christmas, New Years and the summer holidays– bang it’s now all about love! Valentine’s Day is special for a lot of people. My best 14 Feb love fests have been when hubby and I have actually made an effort and planned something really great. Just searched “Valentine’s” in the Savings Room and you’ll read all my stories about this wonderful day. Here are some quick tips on how to have the best Valentine’s Day ever and on the cheap.

Put together a love box to share together

Jump on Pinterest and look at all the amazing, creative Valentine’s Day ideas that the world has put together for you. There’s no need to stretch your mind too far this Valentine’s Day when there are so many ideas online already. Put the kinds of things in your life box that you know your partner will love. For example, I am a lover of blue cheese. My hubby on the other hand is a lover of chocolate. So if we found the motivation between us to create a laugh box to share this weekend along with a nice glass of red, the box would include these simple loveable items.

Buy an awesome discount dinner on sites like Groupon

If you are on a budget, sites like grip on offer heavily discounted vouchers for restaurants in your area. What I like about deals sites, is that they make people break out of their comfort zones. I’m more likely to try something different if I buy vouchers on deal sites.

Spend the night going through old photos

There is something really nice about looking over old times. It’s fun to pull out all your old photos or create a slideshow online. Enjoy looking at all the great memories you’ve made together. I love this exercise because it makes you remember when you first met, all the cool stuff you’ve done as a couple and how much you’ve learned and evolved together.

Get a sitter and book into a lovely hotel

If you have children, certainly think about arranging a romantic night away. Couples with kids often don’t get the chance to feel like ‘your old self’ again. Perhaps you could share a nice bottle of red since you won’t have to face the children in the morning! You can go crazy and have fun just like you may have done in your pre-child years.

Add the element of surprise

The element of surprise is one of life’s wonderful pleasures that unfortunately we all get little too busy to indulge in. Think about a nice surprise feel partner. Perhaps you could pop a surprise in the car or in a lunchbox where your partner might find it during the day.

Write your partner an old-fashioned love letter

I love a good old-fashioned letter. People tend to keep letters too, so this is a nice idea in terms of memorabilia. Plus – it’s easier to say things in a letter that you might not normally say during conversation. This will only improve your relationship in the long term.
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