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6 proven ways to cool your house this summer

by Penina

Summer is here and though you might be wrapped up in Christmas stuff right now, you might want to take a moment to think about the impending heat. And if you remember summer last year, you may recall that some days were simply not pretty. Although you may have some quick fixes up your sleeve (i.e heading to the beach) there’s nothing more important than a cool house in which to lay on a dizzy and hot head on a sweltering day.
But fear not, it’s my job to deliver you super quick tips on just about everything. So here’s how to fix the pesky issue of overheating this summer using some nifty tricks around the home.
Read on to discover my 10 proven ways to cool your house for summer.

1. External roller tilt shutters

Blinds have come a long way and Roller Tilt Shutters from companies like Giamar have some unique features that can’t be found in other shutters on the market. In short, these are external blinds with slats which adjust to your desired angle. Benefits include a tilt control feature that allows homeowners to manage both noise and light coming into the home. They are suitable for both winter and summer and are extremely energy efficient, as well as providing the benefit of complete privacy. Learn more about Giamar Roller Tilt Shutters here.

2. Adjustable and aluminum louvres

Louvres are a popular option because they make a statement in terms of style. They are suitable for areas such as enclosing a spa, balcony, veranda, patio, deck or pergola. Other uses include garage balustrading, carport screens, windows and outdoor enclosures, such as if you want to hide those ugly rubbish bins. These have multiple win-win purposes aside from style, which include offering privacy, sun control (heating and cooling) and security. Learn more about Giamar Privacy Screens and Sun Control Louvres here.

3. Plant trees around your home

In terms of long term planning when it comes to cooling, consider planting trees on the north side of your home or where you feel the heat is strong. Make sure you seek advice on this to make sure you also maximise light while still blocking direct sunlight.

4. Install insulation

If your home is not insulated I highly recommend doing this. A good time to insulate your home is during spring and autumn. Firstly, installers are easier to book and their prices will be lower than in the peak winter and summer months. Another good option to consider is installing an air vent in your roof, so that hot air can escape. These two measures will drastically reduce the temperature in your home.

5. Air Conditioning

While air conditioning is an obvious way to cool a home, it’s important to consider the cost of running an air conditioner all summer. If you can’t live without air conditioning, be sure to set the thermostat to a lower temperature. This one measure can save you thousands on those ever-increasing and exorbitant electricity bills. If you don’t have an air-conditioner and are considering one – again, prepare to install one in off-peak seasons and you’ll reap some benefits from seasonal discounts.
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6. Employ a fan and use it wisely

Use fans to create through-breezes in your home. Fans are a quick and short-term way to cool down while sitting in front of the telly or lounging around reading a book. You can improve the effect of a fan using various measures such as hanging an ice cold towel near the fan to make the breeze cooler or putting a fan facing out of a window to push warm air out. Note: Be sure to turn fans off while not in use or risk a higher electricity bill.
Do you have some proven ways to cool your home? Leave your thoughts in comments below.

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