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8 hot tips for saving money on car insurance

by Penina

Cars are wonderful machines in terms of their ability to put up with screaming kids, those messy chip packets and travel mugs, and us stressed-out mums singing the wrong words to great songs day-in day-out. My car is amazing at coping with what I throw at it daily and, like many other mums’ cars, my car, is a little trooper.
But my car won’t give out those luxuries cheaply and here’s why:
Anything as wonderful as a machine that can get me, (the mum) and her children from A to B every day, 365 days a year, for many years – costs money and bags of that happy green stuff. But even though cars cost a lot of money, there are many ways mums like me can get super sneaky. We can make small changes to make massive savings on running our cars, so it costs less for the luxury these little troopers afford us daily.
Here are 8 ways you can make this happen a.s.a.p!

Hot tips for saving big on car insurance this year

1. Become a better driver

Keep the cops off your tail and reap the benefits of cheaper premiums. If you think you are pretty good behind the wheel and you have an excellent incident-free driving record increasing your excess will reduce your premium.

2. Pay your insurance annually

Monthly insurance payments are often more.

3. Pick the right make and model

Yeah – driving an extra rare super fast sports car will cost you more than a Ford with a nifty bunch of safety features.

4. Don’t let your kids drive your car

Drivers under 25 will up your premium. Get them to catch the bus until their 25th birthday or save for their own car and the associated costs of having one.

5. Think about where you are living

If you live near a high accident zone (a highway prone to cars coming off it) or thieves and vandals you will pay more. If you do secure your alarmed car in a garage that has an alarm and you’ll pay less.

6. Get good at maintenance

Maintain and service your car regularly as your policy is unlikely to cover you for mechanical faults or tyre damage due to neglect. Yeah – you know that tyre? The one you keep pumping up that always seems to be a lower gauge than the rest? Drive down to the tyre shop and get it fixed. Do it today.

7. Make your car as safe as possible

Install an alarm and immobiliser. Anything you add like this will reduce your premium. Just calling around insurance agencies and answering their questions will give you a good idea of what you need to do to get your premiums down.

8. Become a bundle-it-up freak

It’s always cheaper to bundle. But make sure you shop around for those bundles too. Shop around and compare policies using online comparison sites.
Got some great tips on how to save on car insurance? Please leave them in the comments below.

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