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8 secret shopping tips for saving big on everyday items

by Penina

8 secret shopping tips for saving big everyday
Due to popular demand here’s my big list of how to save thousands each year by shopping in the right places both online and offline.
This list combines a number of strategic shopping tactics including:

  • Shopping online to save time and money
  • Shopping at the right stores offline
  • Weighing up your time and travel compared to shopping online
  • Using technology and reminders when shopping online
  • Becoming as organised as possible to produce big savings

These are the places I shop and the tactics I use to save time and money every week.

Random tip 1: Reasons to shop online

  • Saves money – Buy in bulk and save big
  • Save time – By traveling to the supermarket for little items
  • Saves petrol – Getting to the supermarket / stores
  • Sort by price – Sort by price and save time fishing for bargains in-store
  • Avoid temptation – Avoid the temptation of other items and stores

Random tip 2: A few reasons to shop in store

  • The convenience of getting what you need and now
  • Get out of the house and meet new people on your travels
  • Touch and feel goods

Random tip 3: Use your calendar

I use my calendar and phone alerts to make sure I stay organised. This is roughly my weekly run. Depending on my weekly schedule I will either shop in store (with my daughter) so we can get out of the house or online if time is limited.

Here’s my big list: 8 secret shopping tips for saving big on everyday items

1. Buying milk and bread


  • Set up a weekly delivery and set and forget. I find Sat morning delivery is best.
  • Just when you run out – there’s that fresh milk waiting at your door.
  • Note: Buy two long life milks at Aldi to keep in the cupboard in case the kids drink all your milk in one day.

2. Buying groceries


  • Put a note in your weekly calendar to schedule delivery for Sat morning.
  • Click and collect is also convenient but I prefer someone to carry those groceries to my kitchen bench.

3. Stock up your liquor cabinet


  • Shop online and click and collect for FREE.
  • Pick delivery for $7. Order on a Tues in time for the weekend.
  • (2-4 business day delivery).
  • Brand ‘Gossips’ or their six pack wine boxes are a great deal.

4. Meat, poultry & frozen seafood

  • In Store: http://thetasman.com.au/ or http://aldi.com.au
  • Shop in store for the month. Shop with a list. Be strategic. Pre-plan your dinners with a grocery list.
  • Online: http://aussiefarmersdirect.com.au or http://coles.com.au (sort by price)

5. Cleaning products

6. Cheapest fuel

7. Personal care items

8. Clothes, gifts, party supplies & home décor

Do you have any secret tips for saving big on everyday items? Share them in the comments below.
NOTE: This is not a sponsored post.

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