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Saving Business | Benefits of Brand Awareness

by Penina

What is the importance of brand exposure to the consumer?

The more frequently a potential buyer is exposed to your brand, the higher is the possibility of that person actually becoming a customer. Not only that, the more aware consumers are of a certain brand; the more likely they will be to engage in a transaction. Hence, there is also a greater chance of them spreading the word about your products and services to friends and family.
Sounds great, right? However, it takes more than just building a website and having a one-time event or promotional ad to keep your customers.

What are the different ways to generate brand awareness?

There are several ways to reach out to consumers. You can use traditional media, social media, and personalised promotional items to let your target audience know about your brand.
What are the Pros and Cons of using traditional media, social media, and promotional items?

Traditional media

Traditional media pertains to television, radio, and print (newspapers and magazines).


  • Wide reach to national audience
  • Ability to generate huge brand recognition


  • Costs are high due to reach of media
  • Set up expenses can be incredibly high


Social media

Social media refers to the use of websites like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Similar to traditional media, you can place advertisements on these websites.


  • Open communication with followers
  • Very targeted reach as opposed to advertising through traditional media


  • Time consuming to build relationships with consumers
  • Public communication can backfire for some brands with poor reputation management


Promotional items


  • Face to face interaction with consumers
  • Great chance of brand recognition when providing consumers with a tangible product for free


  • No guarantee that the recipient will engage with your brand
  • Can be costly


All options have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the use of promotional items is the only option where you can have face to face interaction with your consumers. This is a great way to build real relationships with your customers and potential customers! At the same time, giving away unique personalised promotional items, like the ones found at Fresh Promotions, that are relevant to your brand may result in improved brand recognition and recall.
If you provide customers with promotional items such as pens with your branding on it, they can take if with them wherever they go. In addition, there is even a possibility that other people can learn about your brand when they come across the promotional items you hand out to customers.
It’s a win-win situation! You not only get to remind your existing customers about your brand, you also get to let possible consumers learn about your brand as well. Whether you’re an established brand or a start-up company, you may also want to consider using promo items on your next quest to win over new and old consumers.

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