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9 tricks about laundry you wish you knew before

by Penina

Laundry is such a bore, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can make laundry more interesting than you think and with the simple hacks I’ll have your loving laundry before you can say – hey! There’s no more laundry. Here are nine tricks about laundry you wish you knew before.

If you want some peace hang out in the laundry

It’s hard for parents to find a little peace. If you’re looking for peace, you may want to take refuge in the laundry. I always find that people never look for me there! Ha! Frankly, I get sick of my kids asking me where stuff is and can I get them this or that. I also get tired of doing housework and trying to keep on top of things while answering a million questions daily. I’m sure you’ve been there. The A mother’s is very demanding and often you’ll find me hanging out in the laundry or taking a breath of fresh air out at the clothesline! I always wondered why my own mother spent so much time in our laundry and now I know why!

Do a laundry load as often times as you think about

Make laundry something you do as often as you can. For example, if I’m walking past my laundry I make a habit of putting a load of washing on. If I’m heading outside to empty the recycle bin, I will also take a load of laundry out with me. If I happen to be outside anyway, I will bring a load of laundry in. If I’m watching TV, I will fold the washing up. By making laundry part of my little journeys around the house, I get my laundry done – quick smart.

Get the kids folding laundry

Kids are amazing once they are trained and if your kids are like mine and watching TV a lot, put them to work. Pop-up box of socks in front of them and ask them to pair them. Give each child a chore chart and awards for completing tasks like the laundry.

Teach the kids to put their own laundry away

I’ve got four dump buckets in my living room. One for each person in the house including me. While cleaning I put people’s items in the dump buckets. Every evening just for dinner I get everyone to take this stuff back to his or her spots. I do this before dinner because after dinner people generally don’t have the energy to do the job as well. Include laundry in this mix. Put laundry into the dumb buckets and you will never have to put laundry away again.

Never pick up other people’s laundry

Make a rule will never to pick up anyone’s laundry. If you start picking up people’s dirty laundry off the floor, you will find that you have set a precedent, you don’t want to continue doing.

Big tip: Never begin something you don’t want to continue doing.

Aim to have all the laundry done by Friday afternoon

There is nothing worse than facing a weekend with a laundry full of dirty close to wash. I recommend making a goal to get all your laundry done by Friday afternoon at the latest. This way you will actually get to enjoy the weekend and relax without facing a huge pile of washing.

Install a TV or radio in the laundry

If you do find you are spending a lot of time doing laundry, whether that is to escape people actually wash clothes, consider installing a TV or radio. If not, consider taking in your iPhone and listening to a podcast while you get jobs done. This will at least make the job of laundry a lot more interesting. You will also learn a lot while you get your laundry done. Simply, you won’t dread laundry as much as you used to. You will even look forward to laundry for the education it may be giving you.

Do squats while doing the laundry

Finally, if you are having trouble finding time to exercise, consider doing squats or planks in between laundry loads. You will get fit while you get your laundry done. This is a win-win all your body and your mind!

Do you have any awesome laundry hacks? Be sure to leave them in comments below.

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