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Alcohol | 75 awesome ways to save on alcohol

by Penina

The alcohol and party season is fast approaching and while Australians are preparing to fire up their BBQs for the silly season, there are some shocking statistics that might make Australians think twice about how they consume alcohol at a party.

Shocking facts about alcohol consumption in Australia

  • The cost of alcohol misuse is approximately $25bn a year, including medical expenses, lost wages and productivity.
  • 10 million Australians experience negative effects from other people’s drinking, 70,000 Australian’s fall victim to alcohol-related assaults
  • Children as young as 10 are seeking treatment for alcohol addiction.
  • The problem is fuelled by a powerful alcohol industry.
  • 168,000 Australians between 12 and 17 have reported binge drinking or drinking at risky levels
  • 10 percent of teenagers binge drink every week
  • 50 percent of 16-year-olds drink at harmful levels
  • 35 percent of teenage males consume between 11 and 30 drinks per session
  • More teenagers die from the effects of alcohol than any other drug

Anti-alcohol campaigners are fighting for stronger restrictions on the industry; and for people to change drinking habits, starting at home.
These are just some of the actions we can take to reduce our binge drinking habits and live a better day tomorrow.

  • Avoid standing at tables scoffing down peanuts and chips. These salty little devils will make you thirstier and cause you to drink more alcohol.
  • Become a clock-watcher. Write a plan before going to a party. Writing your plan down a plan seals it in your mind. When intoxicated your plan will be in your subconscious. Make a plan to watch the clock and drink slowly. Aim to drink one drink per hour. There are a bunch of fantastic apps out in the market, which help drinkers pace themselves during a night out.
  • There are some great party tricks you can use too including arriving later to a party, starting off with some non-alcoholic or light drinks and putting your drink down by helping out the host. And my big tip is to have a bottle of mineral water in front of you. People naturally go for water later in the night as dehydration kicks in.

For a full list of my hot boozing and party tips for reducing a hangover check out this cheat sheet. Also be sure to watch my video on hot tips for avoiding a hangover.

There are plenty of ways to save money and the Savings Room has collected 65+ ways for you! If you are trying to cut your drinking or change your habits, one great excuse is to save money!
Drinking on a regular basis is expensive. This cheat sheet delivers practical tips on both saving on alcohol and covers scenarios like if you are out at a restaurant or at a party. These tips will help you save money and your liver! They include getting to the party later, starting a little later than everyone else and buying booze in bulk. If you are like me, and you love to party, you will save stacks using these tips.


  1. Do not buy alcohol in bulk if you are prone to binge
  2. Keep your bulk-buy alcohol in the shed out of view
  3. Make an alcohol plan and calculate monthly drinks
  4. Set a budget for your alcohol plan
  5. Buy alcohol in bulk according to your budget

Buying alcohol

  1. Brew your own beer and save
  2. Buy a Soda Stream to make your own mixers
  3. Buy direct from wineries if you live near them
  4. Buy in bulk for all events over Christmas holidays
  5. Buy online direct from the winery
  6. Buy spirits in bulk and make your own mixed drinks
  7. Buy the generic brand of your favourite spirit
  8. Buy wine in a cask
  9. Checkout wholesale alcohol suppliers
  10. Go for clean skins
  11. Go for wine bottles that offer 33%
  12. Join a wine club for the Christmas period
  13. Look for more economical drinks
  14. Set a weekly alcohol budget and stick to it
  15. Stay away from expensive brand alcohol
  16. Go for quality clean skins
  17. Stock up during non-holiday periods
  18. Try the Gossips brand (Nice for just $2.99 a bottle!)

Cheapest drinks

  1. Alcoholic punch
  2. Cask wine
  3. Cheap mixed drinks
  4. Generic brand spirits
  5. Jelly shots
  6. Lite beer
  7. Sangria
  8. Sparkling wine

Drinking habits

  1. Avoid salty food that makes you thirstier.
  2. Do not drink because you are pressured to drink
  3. Drink from a bottle or can. Hosts can’t fill your glass
  4. Drink smaller amounts. E.g. Use a smaller glass
  5. Have a few non-alcoholic drinks first
  6. Have a non-alcoholic drink between drinks
  7. Organise something to do tomorrow so you go easy
  8. Photograph yourself with a hangover for reference!
  9. Records your drinks using a mobile app
  10. Switch from white to red wine. You will sip slower
  11. Try to pace yourself. One drink per hour
  12. Water your drinks down

Drinking out and about

  1. Buy your own drinks
  2. Check restaurant drink menu prices before booking
  3. Do not get into rounds
  4. Do not try to keep up with everyone else
  5. Drink at your own pace
  6. Eat so you do not get too drunk and overspend
  7. Enjoy alcohol free dinners out
  8. Go to BYO restaurants
  9. Have a few drinks before going to a bar
  10. Shout the first drink and then just buy your own

Party tricks

  1. Arrive later to the party. Stay a few drinks behind
  2. Share the cost of the slab during a group shop
  3. Eat as you drink
  4. Have a glass of mineral water going
  5. Have a water plan. Keep mineral water handy
  6. Have an exit plan. Set a time for exiting the party
  7. Help the host clean up and stay busy
  8. Put your glass down on a table instead of holding it

Party host tricks

  1. Decant cask wine into bottles
  2. Get a keg
  3. Get the group organised ahead of time
  4. Make your party a BYO party
  5. Put out a tips jar on your bar

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