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Food delivery | 45 ways to save on groceries this Xmas

by Penina

Food delivery is one way to save on groceries this Christmas. Firstly, buying groceries from the comfort of a couch through a food delivery service like Coles Online is relaxing. What is more relaxing and enjoyable is sorting items by price and then discovering that you’ve saved over $100 because you didn’t get sucked in to all that marketing in-store.
But just because you are into saving hundreds of dollars, this doesn’t mean you have to look and act like a Scrooge this Christmas. You can still sing Christmas carols and gorge on Christmas pudding, even if you are cutting back considerably on your grocery spend by using tactics like shopping online and food delivery.
You can save hundreds of dollars at Christmas this year and do it all with a happy-Elf smile on your face.

Food delivery is a sneaky trick indeed

There are plenty of sneaky tricks for stocking your fridge with cheese delicacies, custards, creams, trifles and truffles. But it is possible to do this on the cheap and without the typical stress associated with Christmas grocery shopping.
Just like Santa puts his brakes on to stop on a roof, make sure, when shopping at Christmas, that you exercise the same caution with your sack full of cash!
Actually, consider this:
Would you take an entire Santa sack of cash to the mall or would you prefer to dip into the sack of cash and just spend a handful of the money? Keep this visual in mind. Because your bank account is a whole sack of cash! Here’s a tip: Withdraw a certain amount and just take that. Set a budget.
Nifty little tricks for saving on groceries at Christmas include thinking ahead and getting jobs done before the madness starts.
If you are not organised at Christmas you will:

  • Not organise cheap alcohol online for the holiday period because the night you would have done that, there was a school Xmas concerts to clap at followed by a work party.
  • You won’t remember to check the bargain bins at supermarket because you were too stressed thinking about which present to buy whom, for how much and where. That’s because you didn’t write a list and execute it in November.
  • You might grab a bunch of chef-endorsed Christmas recipe cards in a mad attack of Xmas panic, which include too-expensive ingredients.

Here’s my cheat sheet on how to save money on Christmas shopping this year. It includes 45 hot tips on how to save money on grocery shopping this Christmas.
Here are some other sneaky tricks like food delivery

45 ways to save on groceries this Xmas


Purchase alcohol ahead of time and in bulk from discount retailers.

Bargain bins

Check out the bargain bins in supermarkets at Christmas for further savings.

Bulk discounts

Shop for food at bulk discount stores like Aldi and shop strategically with a list.

Chef endorsed

Beware supermarket recipe cards. Prices for ingredients may be inflated.

Chocolate pudding

Make a chocolate instead of plum pudding to reduce costs. The kids will love you.

Christmas club

Earlier in the year join a Christmas club for delivery of a grocery hamper at Christmas.

Christmas co-op

Create a Christmas food co-op through Meetups.com. Buy ingredients in bulk and swap.

Christmas Eve

Get huge discounts by buying food on Christmas Eve.

Christmas menu

Checkout my Easy Christmas Menu in Printables. 

Compare food delivery services online

Comparison shop

Try http://grocery.bestpricedirectory.com.au.

Cut and clip it

Read the paper for food deals and coupons around Christmas time.

Eat alternatives

Be happy to eat alternative but still delicious food. E.g. Chicken with cranberry sauce!

Eat first

Never do Christmas grocery shopping when hungry. You will buy unnecessary food.

Eat out

Eat at a restaurant on Christmas day. It can be cheaper and is less stressful.


If you have a great fishmonger in your area, share their details here.

Frozen seafood

Buy frozen seafood or buy seafood on Christmas Eve.

Frozen turkey

If you buy a turkey buy a frozen one and only buy the size you need.

Generic platter

Don’t buy fancy packets. No one can tell it is a generic brand on a nice platter.

Give them veggies

Use veggies to fill up platters. They look stylish and are cheap and healthy.

Go crackers

Rice crackers and other nibbles bought at bulk grocery stores is much cheaper.

Go the BBQ

Have a BBQ at Christmas. BBQs are cheaper, simple and fun!

Good party trick

Hide generic packaging before your party guests arrive. They will never know!

Keep it simple

Do not buy more than you need. Make sure you can eat the leftovers.

Make dip

Buy the ingredients on a dip packet.  Make cheap dip from scratch and get double the dip!

Make sweets

Make your own Christmas cake, pudding and mince pies. This is cheap and fun.

Meat for platters

Deli meats are expensive. Buy these meats in bulk and slice them up yourself.

Meat wholesalers

Source local wholesalers. They often advertise in local papers. Save up to 50 percent.

Nibbles platters

Arrange your own nibbles platters. Do not buy supermarket platters.

Nice lunches

Plan lunches with leftovers you know you will have.

Nice tradition

Make your own food. It is much cheaper and a nicer tradition.

Party food

Costco offer a great selection of bulk-buy party foods and bulk-buy gourmet cheeses.


Make your own Pavlova and save.

Plan leftovers

Check out our 50 simple ways to use up leftover Christmas ham in Turbo Tips.

Plan menus

Plan your entire Christmas menu before shopping. Check out my Easy Christmas Menu.

Pot luck Christmas

If you are hosting Christmas organise a potluck Christmas. You can split the costs.

Read junk mail

Read junk mail and clip the coupons. But be aware. Do not buy ‘just because.’

Service person

Ask at the service desk about any discounts on offer to special customers like you.

Set a budget

Set a budget for Christmas day food. E.g. $200. Stick to it.

Shop alone

Go shopping alone without children, friends or family members. Make clearer decisions.

Shop online

Buy your list online and sort by price. Save time and money.

Simple food

Commit to a simple Christmas. Don’t buy food just because it is tradition.

Turkey pieces

Buy frozen turkey pieces instead of the whole bird.

Use-by specials

If you buy on Christmas Eve you can take advantage of use-by specials.

Wholesale Turkey

Look for a wholesale poulterer in your area to buy your Turkey.

Wholesale wine

Check out our 65+ awesome ways to save on alcohol quick list for saving on drinks.

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