Summer activities for kids are cheap if you open the back door and set the kids free. The garden is an amazing adventure playground! In the days before digital kids were happy to dig a hole in the garden. They were content to study a snail in the wild or jump on a trampoline until the sun went down.
Summer activities in my childhood included silly acts like eating cake and collecting up prickles in our t-shirts. When we had enough ‘ammo’ we’d throw them over the neighbours fence until we got told off. We’d play Elastics until someone cheated and we’d make up silly songs. We had a long list of songs including one about the most sickening foods ever. We’d stage dress-ups and talent shows in the garage to songs like ‘We’re the kids in America.’
These days I spend my weekends delivering a small gang of children into the great outdoors. These kids include two of my own, two kids from next door and one kid from across the road. They grace our living room most Saturday afternoons. It is my job to get these kids off their digital devices and into the garden. Alternatively, I will send them to the park next door to rustle around in the trees or hang around the monkey bars. But as I bid goodbye to this fresh-eyed gang of spirited kids, I catch them sneaking iPods into pockets.
They think, in all their worldly knowledge, that this ole’ lady won’t notice.
I’ve become Army-Sergeant-like about these kids and line them up on the porch. Each child will pass me their respective iPod with a look of dismay or sadness. I’ve even had resentment. That came from my three-turning-thirty, but I forgave her because she doesn’t know what she’s doing yet.
As the iPod-Sergeant, I feel like one of my old Aunties. The one who wouldn’t let me have the second helping of Upside Down Pineapple Cake because I was ‘getting too fat.’ Except I attempt the whole Army Sergeant routine in a comical, non-threatening way, which involves not calling anyone a name or fracturing any young person’s hope at self-esteem.
At the very least, when these kids grow up,  I hope they won’t blame me for any of their adult hang-ups. I’m picturing a gangly googly-eyed spectacle-wearing iPod-loving therapist bad-mouthing me during a weekly session with one of these kids.
That wouldn’t be good, for the kid anyway…
Anyway, after their return from ‘the wild’ (i.e visit to the park), the faces of these kids are fresh. They look rosy-faced and alive after their humble game of chasey and making daisy chains in the sun, for, in their words, ‘way too long.’  They would admit to me what fun that was, if I was anyone other than the woman holding their precious iPods for ransom. But what these little cherubs don’t know is that I’ve got a cheat sheet (a very special weapon) that is going to keep their iPod-loving gang busy well into their teens.  And they think they can pull the wool over my eyes because they’re so hip and ‘digital.’ Mmmm…..

So here is that long list I’ve created.

130 garden adventures for kids

Stick this list on the fridge over the holidays as a quick reference. Access it for cheap and quick summer activities to keep kids refreshed and to give them a digital break. (Pssst…you can access the list on your phone too – just don’t tell the kids.)
Of course, if you have any great ideas yourself – please submit them in the comments!
Your ideas will help grow more kids with creative minds and vivid imaginations!
Lookout Minecraft! Here come a new wave of mothers and we are ready for YOU 🙂

In the backyard

  1. Afternoon tea in the garden
  2. Blow bubbles
  3. Build a cardboard cubby
  4. Build a cubby house
  5. Build a fort
  6. Build a go-kart
  7. Catch bugs
  8. Chase butterflies
  9. Climb trees
  10. Collect acorns
  11. Create something
  12. Collect firewood
  13. Collect leaves and make art
  14. Conduct science experiments
  15. Count cars
  16. Create a bird bath
  17. Create a cool water slide
  18. Create a garden sculpture
  19. Create a water play table
  20. Create a treasure hunt
  21. Create a treasure map
  22. Create an obstacle course

Get digging!

  1. Dig a hole
  2. Dig and bury items
  3. Dig up dinosaurs from plaster
  4. Do some stargazing
  5. Draw with chalk
  6. Eat lunch outside together
  7. Feed birds and animals
  8. Find cloud shapes together
  9. Follow an ant trail
  10. Get the kids out weeding
  11. Hang candles outdoors
  12. Have a mud bath
  13. Have morning tea in the garden

Hold an event

  1. Hold a garage sale
  2. Hold a kids’ garden party
  3. Hold a street party
  4. Hula-hoop
  5. Identify garden sounds
  6. Install a swing set
  7. Jump on a pogo stick
  8. Jump on a trampoline
  9. Kick a ball
  10. Kick a footy
  11. Learn about the different trees in your garden
  12. Learn bird calls
  13. Learn Macramé
  14. Learn the names of flowers
  15. Lie on the grass together

Make something

  1. Make a bird feeder
  2. Make a cheap tyre swing
  3. Make a collage using garden materials
  4. Make a fish pond
  5. Make a go-kart
  6. Make a robot
  7. Make a rock garden
  8. Make a snowman
  9. Make water slip-and-slide
  10. Make a wind chime
  11. Make an ant farm
  12. Make and throw mud pies
  13. Make collages from magazines
  14. Make daisy chains
  15. Make jewellery
  16. Make leaf-rubbing pictures
  17. Make lemonade
  18. Make mini parachutes
  19. Make play dough
  20. Make recycled paper
  21. Organise garden play dates
  22. Paddle in a shell pool
  23. Paint a face
  24. Paint pinecones
  25. Photograph birds’ nests
  26. Photograph spider webs
  27. Plant flowers

Play games

  1. Play badminton
  2. Play blindfolded tag
  3. Play Bocce Ball
  4. Play catch
  5. Play cricket
  6. Play croquet
  7. Play detectives
  8. Play Elastics
  9. Play Four Square
  10. Play handball
  11. Play Hopscotch
  12. Play I Spy
  13. Play in the rain
  14. Play with toy cars, trikes and bikes
  15. Play Kick Ball
  16. Play lawn darts
  17. Play Noughts and Crosses
  18. Play Newcomb Ball
  19. Play random games
  20. Play Red Rover
  21. Play Simon Says
  22. Play T-Ball
  23. Play tag
  24. Play toy lawnmowers
  25. Play under the sprinkler
  26. Play volleyball
  27. Play water pistols
  28. Play water tag with a spray bottle
  29. Rake up leaves
  30. Read a book series over the summer holidays
  31. Relax on a camping chair
  32. Scooter on a paved area
  33. Set up easels and paint
  34. Skateboard on the patio

Start a project

  1. Start a herb garden
  2. Start a nature notebook
  3. Start a veggie patch
  4. Sting up fairy lights
  5. Study bugs
  6. Study nature with binoculars
  7. Study the garden with a magnifying glass
  8. Take photos in the garden
  9. Take up garden golf
  10. Throw hoops on targets
  11. Throw horseshoes on targets
  12. Throw stones in a pond
  13. Tie knots
  14. Touch flowers and bark

Take those shoes off

  1. Walk barefoot on the grass
  2. Walk in the rain
  3. Walk on a balancing beam
  4. Wash the family pet
  5. Watch the moon
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While I enjoy housekeeping and speed cleaning my home with Doof Doof blaring through my headphones, I can think of better ways to spend time. For instance, instead of cleaning toilets in my home, I could spend more time collecting home renovation ideas or learning how to make the perfect Chicken Tikka Masala curry. What a fabulous world it would be if we were all free from housekeeping duties!  If you have read my Are You A Super Housewife post you will understand my position on this matter! I just want to wiggle my nose bewitched-style and make all that cleaning disappear in a puff of Baking Soda! Well! The good news is that I have created various sneaky methods for reducing the housework burden from setting up a cleaning trolley to cleaning a kitchen in five minutes! If you action everything on this list you will be a clean mean housekeeping machine!

150 ways to free yourself from housework

Appliances – Get the right equipment

  1. Create a cleaning trolley like a hotel (see Printables)
  2. Get a washing machine with a 15-minute cycle
  3. Install a dishwasher if you do not have one
  4. Invest in a dust buster for spot cleans
  5. Upgrade appliances for better efficiency

Attitude – Make cleaning fun!

  1. Change your attitude about cleaning
  2. Listen to fast music on headphones for motivation.
  3. Listen to savings podcasts while cleaning!
  4. Put extra effort into housework and make it a workout

Baby – Time saving tips

  1. Bath baby in the day
  2. Clean while you settle baby in the room
  3. Collect toys on your travels
  4. Invest in baskets for systems
  5. Shower baby with dad
  6. Shower baby with mum

Bathroom – Keeping it clean

  1. Clean out bathroom rubbish bins when full
  2. Clean the bath thoroughly one night each week when showering or when bathing the kids
  3. Clean the shower while you are in it, once a week
  4. Clean while in the bathroom
  5. Keep a cleaning kit in the shower
  6. Keep a dump bucket in the bathroom
  7. Keep a large washing basket in the bathroom
  8. Make a bathroom cleaning kit for quick cleans
  9. Mop the bathroom while bathing the kids
  10. Place a rubbish bin in the bathroom
  11. School aged children love cleaning a shower with a big sponge!
  12. Wash the dog in the shower

Bedroom – Keeping it tidy

  1. Keep a dump bucket for a dirty partner and throw their stuff in it
  2. Keep a laundry bag for each person in the master bedroom
  3. Make your bed immediately after rising
  4. Make your partner clean out their bedroom dump bucket
  5. While getting changed pick all items up off the floor

Cooking – Free up week nights

  1. Buy cheap takeaway one night a week.
  2. Cook convenience meals two nights a week
  3. Cook dinner in the day if you are at home
  4. Cook three crock-pot meals each week
  5. Create a weekly cooking schedule
  6. Get a menu-planning book like Table Tucker!
  7. Teach the kids to cook as soon as possible!

Declutter – Little jobs

  1. Have a big clean out seasonally
  2. Bring something new in and throw something new out
  3. Organise a garage sale or an online one here
  4. Put stuff for second-hand shops straight in the car
  5. Remove old stuff every weekend
  6. Set a reminder on your phone to deliver the stuff to Op shops. E.g. After dropping the kids to school

Delegating – Getting help from others

  1. Get kids to clean the shower
  2. Get the kids watching housework YouTube videos
  3. Give kids a countdown to clean something. Make cleaning a fun game and a challenge for them
  4. Sell cleaning as a concept to family
  5. Train up people in the house

General – Housework tips

  1. Check our housework checklists in Printables
  2. Create dump buckets. Get family members to clear their own dump buckets
  3. Divide your home into zones and divide up the housework
  4. Do housework with headphones and music on
  5. Draw up a housework roster
  6. Every time you pay bills also de-cobweb your home
  7. Get a dust-buster and do spot cleans. Avoid big vacuuming sessions
  8. Keep on top of your housework always

Groceries – Getting organised

  1. Buy groceries online while watching telly
  2. Get auto-deliveries like an Aussie Farmers box
  3. Shop on a weeknight for groceries. Free up the weekend

Guests – Unexpected guests coming

  1. Quickly wipe down toilets with water and Eucalyptus oil
  2. Throw dishes into the dishwasher and wipe benches
  3. Throw items into named dump buckets
  4. Wipe down all surfaces for a quick spruce-up
  5. Wipe down the front door with Eucalyptus oil

Kids bedroom – General tips

  1. Buy same colour socks. No matching required!
  2. Get kids cleaning while you organise their room
  3. Install a rubbish bin in the kid’s room
  4. Make cleaning fun for kids

Kitchen – Quick cooking and cleaning tips

  1. Always clean before cooking
  2. Bath a toddler in a safe tub while you cook dinner
  3. Clean more while waiting for veggies to steam
  4. Clean while waiting for a kettle to boil
  5. Keep bowls, sponges and Eucalyptus oil handy
  6. Make a rule: First person up cleans the kitchen!
  7. Make lunches on Sunday
  8. Put your peelings in a bowl while cooking
  9. Run a sink of soapy water before cooking

Laundry – Getting it done and fast

  1. Fold washing in front of the telly
  2. Have set laundry times and de-slave yourself
  3. Make an out-and-about box for errands
  4. Make up Mon-Fri uniform and clothes sets
  5. Use a good laundry system – check out ours!

Living room – Systems to help you

  1. Ban eating in the living room
  2. Clean remote controls and create a wall holder
  3. Create dump buckets where you dump their stuff
  4. Get each person to clear their own dump bucket
  5. Keep a lounge cleaning kit for quick cleans
  6. Make the family clean up together before bed
  7. Put a rubbish bin in the living room
  8. Introduce an old rug to protect carpet from kids

Multi-tasking – Make more use of time

  1. Clean while you talk on your phone
  2. Deliver stuff to Op shops while running other errands
  3. Have a foot spa while watching TV
  4. Read about reducing housework while on the toilet
  5. Sort laundry while watching TV
  6. Sort through mail while watching TV

Paper – Managing the paper war

  1. Aussie Farmers couple’s box is perfect for archiving
  2. Box up old stuff constantly
  3. Bin letters to householders
  4. Create a bill folder
  5. Create a great system for mail
  6. Deal with mail right now
  7. Create paper archive systems
  8. Dedicate an evening each month for admin
  9. Get up early one morning a week and do filing
  10. Grab boxes for archiving at the supermarket
  11. Read your junk mail outside near the bin

Parties – Reducing clean up and tips

  1. Clean as you go during a party
  2. Create an outdoor entertainment area for parties
  3. Have potluck parties to reduce work on the night
  4. If warm enough keep the party outside
  5. If you clean as you go others will help and follow

Shed or garage – Creating space

  1. Build a loft in the shed for extra storage
  2. Dedicate a family shed working bee weekend
  3. Hang up hooks to get stuff off the floor
  4. Install great shelving systems
  5. Keep a little notebook of stuff you are selling
  6. Photograph items before storing for easy selling
  7. Sell your stuff ASAP. Use our classifieds
  8. Send photos of your gear to SR using our app
  9. Grab uploaded SR photos to load to classifieds

Tomorrow – Staying ahead of things

  1. Do a little extra at night for an easier tomorrow
  2. Organise your clothes for tomorrow each evening
  3. Pack your bags in the evening
  4. Pack your gym back in the evening so you get there
  5. Plan tomorrow tonight
  6. Try to stay ahead of the game all the time

Toilet – Nice to do

  1. Add books and pictures in your toilet
  2. Buy toilet paper in bulk every month or season
  3. Get a toilet duck
  4. Include rubbish bags in cleaning kits
  5. Keep cleaners handy in the toilet for quick cleans
  6. Make or buy toilet deodoriser
  7. Put a rubbish bin in the toilet
  8. Put a scented candle in the toilet
  9. Put inspirational pictures and books in the toilet


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100 time & sanity saving laundry tipsHome cleaning is one of life realities. Personally I’d rather be out on a bike ride, making cupcakes with the kids or flipping through home design books than doing domestic duties! Of course, for all of us laundry is a fact of life and having that washing machine spinning leads to fresh and clean little happy campers in the home. It is satisfying to hold one’s nose to a freshly washed towel or toddler’s t-shirt. But wouldn’t it be great to get the job done faster and have a list of tricks up one’s sleeve to make that happen? Since I’m not in a position to hire help nor do I want someone rustling through our dirty socks and undies, I’ve put together this comprehensive list on how to save time and sanity on home cleaning duties.
So! Here is my big list of 100 time and sanity saving laundry tips!

Hot home cleaning and laundry tips!

Add a plant

Add a plant that enjoys a hothouse environment.

Art and pictures

Change a wall colour using some pale blue or floral lemon fabric tightened against the wall.

Avoid the dryer

Only use your dryer if it is an emergency. Never use a dryer if it is sunny outside.

Baking soda socks

Boil up socks in baking soda and water and soak overnight.

Bench space

Build a table you can pull out or fold down from the wall.

Best appliances

Place great value on energy and water ratings when purchasing appliances.

Better bleach

You can add half a cup of baking soda to bleach to make it more powerful.

Blood stain

Soak immediately in cold water. For dry blood soak in baking soda and water first.

Box bookcase

Large white box style bookcases are perfect for the laundry for towels, sheets and products.

Brighten clothes

You can add baking soda or vinegar to the wash cycle to brighten clothes.

Bring themes in

Bring other colours from the home into the laundry.

Clean iron vents

Unplug iron. Clean out vents with a pipe cleaner.

Clean out your iron

Add vinegar and water to the chamber. Turn the iron on and off. Rinse out chamber.

Cleaning collars

Rub a paste of vinegar and baking soda on collars before washing.

Create a home cleaning toolbox

Cleaning products

Keep all cleaning gear in one big plastic tub. When cleaning grab the tub and get to work!

Clothes collars

Rub shampoo on a collar before washing it.

Cold water

Only wash your clothes in cold water. This will also stop them shrinking.

Colours running

Add a little salt to the water. This will keep colours fresher for longer.

Cotton clothes

Add a little dish washing liquid to your laundry cycle when washing cotton.

Delegating laundry

Make house members responsible for their own laundry. Use a system.

Delicate clothes

Iron clothes inside out with a damp hand towel. Set the temperature to medium.

Designer laundry

Recreate a laundry design from a home improvement magazine using thrifty finds.

Dryer etiquette

Dry similar items together. E.g. Towels with towels.

Dryer fluff

Clean out the lint filter after every drying session. Excess lint can start a fire.

Dryer signs

Install signs on your dryer E.g. For Emergency Use Only or Use After Hours Only.

Dump buckets

Create a dump bucket for each person in the house for quick cleans.

Extra washing line

Turn a large wooden playpen on its side and then repurpose it to hang laundry.

Fabric nappies

Sprinkle a little baking soda in your nappy bucket to reduce the smell.

Fabric softener

Dip a flannel in half fabric softener and half water. Wash the flannel with your laundry.

Feature wall

Consider a feature wall colour or wallpaper on one wall in the laundry to brighten it up.

Find your stuff

Look behind the washing machine if you have lost small items from pockets.

Floor plan

If you are short on space invest in some cheap shelving.

Fluffy wool

If you add vinegar to your wool cycle your garments will be fluffier.

Reduce home cleaning duties for more sanity

Folding sanity

You won’t notice you are doing laundry if you are watching TV.

Fold towels

Get on YouTUBE and learn some new laundry tricks, like how to fold towels perfectly.

Fold washing tip

Fold washing in the morning while the kids are eating breakfast.

Fresher the better

Make the décor in your laundry fresh and light. The way fresh laundry makes you feel light!

Functional tables

Consider a fold-down ironing board that doubles as your folding table.

General ironing

Generally always iron clothes inside out and on a medium temperature.

Get a funky curtain

Change the curtain in your laundry for a quick makeover. Use a shower curtain.

Get rid of lint

Add vinegar to your washing cycle to help reduce clingy lint.

Grass stains

Scrub the item with an old toothbrush and shampoo.

Grease stains

Use some salt and ammonia. Then blot it with a cloth and rinse away.

Hanging clothes

Hang items directly onto hangers on the line and then place them directly into wardrobes.

Homemade starch

Add a tablespoon of corn flour to one litre of water. Shake in a spray bottle and use.

Ink from leather

You can remove ink from leather with nail polish remover.

Ink on fingers

Grab a nailbrush; dip it in vinegar and salt. Scrub ink away.

Instant makeover

Add a colourful shower curtain or some durable plastic fabric across a wall.

Iron-free clothes

Buy clothes that do not require ironing. Go polyester!


Use a peg to secure the hangers with clothes on them on the line.

Ironing board

If you have the space set up your iron and ironing board permanently.

Laundry lighting

Install good lighting for a bright and happy space. Better stain spotting!

Laundry posts

Be sure to check out my laundry system posts for different home situations.

Laundry powder

Buy laundry powder in bulk every season.

Home cleaning tips | Get creative!

Laundry box

Paint up a gorgeous old box or tin to decant your laundry powder into.

Laundry sanity

No-one ventures into a laundry. They will not find you there if you need some peace!

Laundry schedule

Do one bag of laundry per person on a certain day each week. Reduce sorting.

Laundry sorters

Check out Ikea for cost effective laundry sorter systems.

Less stiff jeans

Soak jeans overnight in salt and cold water to soften the denim.

Little things

Use a dryer only for little items like baby socks and underwear

Loosen a knot

Loosen a knot by applying some baby powder or talcum powder.

Machine hoses

Run some vinegar through your machine using a warm cycle.

Machine sud saver

Many machines have a sud saver cycle. Use for heavily soiled clothes, like baby clothes.

Mesh laundry bag

Invest in a mesh laundry bag for placing your delicate items. E.g. Lingerie.

Milk stains

For milk on baby clothes soak the clothes in cold water and then wash in cold water.

Mouldy smells

Rewash laundry left in the machine with vinegar. The mouldy smell will go away.

Mud off boots

Dry in the sun, bang together and scrub with a toothbrush.

Never fold washing

Fold washing directly from the line into each person’s basket.

New clothes smell

Include a little vinegar in the cycle to remove the new smell from clothes.

Open shelves

Install open shelves near the machine. These are great for quick access to laundry products.

Open the windows

Be sure to use a fan or open windows in a laundry to prevent mould

Paint the laundry

Consider painting your laundry a light and bright colour. Looks fresher.

Home cleaning | Get those socks organised

Pairing socks

Pin socks together before placing in washing baskets. Keep the pins handy.

Pen marks

Spray the mark with hairspray. Dry. Brush over with vinegar and water. Wash.

Perfect fold

Checkout, a Flip-Fold, which perfectly and easily folds garments. Try to make your own.


Soak a garment in salty water to help remove perspiration stains and smells.

Perspiration stains

Apply a baking soda and water paste to the underarms of the garment and wash as normal.

Preserve stockings

Add vinegar to the washing cycle to preserve stockings.

Preserve zips

Zip up your clothes before washing them. Preserve zips.


Technology has certainly changed. There are machines out there with 15-minute cycles!

Repurpose a table

Use the dining table for sorting and folding washing if you lack space in the laundry.

Sauce stains

Spot clean sauce stains before washing to get more wear out of baby clothes.

Scorch stains

Scrub the bottom of the iron with vinegar and salt.

Shoe shine

Dab a little vinegar onto a damp cloth and shine your shoes.

Smelly clothes

When washing smelly clothes add baking soda or vinegar. Both products remove odours.

Smokey clothes

Soak garments in warm water and vinegar.

Sock treatment

Boil socks with slices of lemon to help whiten and lighten them.
Starch your board
Spray the ironing board instead of the clothes.

Sticky iron

Sprinkle some salt on a brown paper bag. Now iron the brown paper bag.

Storing brooms

Designate one tall cupboard for brooms, ironing board and long items.

The perfect fold

Place clothes open onto an open port-a-cot mattress. Fold both sides over. Slip garment out.

Tray for small items

Keep an open ice-cream tub or tray in the laundry for items that come out of pockets.

Useful products

Be sure to check out all Useful Product sheets in Turbo Tips.

Washing baskets

Fold up washing baskets are a great space saving option and also good for travel or camping.

Washing jeans

To wash jeans turn them inside out and wash with one cup of vinegar. This sets the colour.

Washing powder

It is a good idea not to place your washing powder on the machine!

Washing line

Think outside the square with washing lines. Repurpose furniture.

Washing times

Only do laundry on selected days of the week. Do not become a slave to laundry.

Whiten socks

Add a little dish washing liquid to a washing cycle to help whiten socks.

Wire shelving

Wire shelves are cheap to install and a sturdy solution for storing laundry products.

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Raising children as a single parent is no easy task. In fact, it is more of an incredible feat. While one of the most rewarding titles a person can have is that of the parent, the responsibilities included with such a prestigious title can at times seem quite overwhelming. Doing this solo only increases the challenge. Getting by financially as a single parent may not be easy, but it is doable. Time is very important if you don’t have extra help, so being organized and controlling your finances is important.

Plan for the future as a single parent (The future is coming soon!)

Yeah, it’s not that far off. This includes having life insurance, health insurance, and an emergency fund. It is no secret that being a parent means half a million surprises coming your way. Having some financial stability tucked away and ready to be accessed when the time arrives is part of developing an effective financial strategy. Your children will get sick, they may break a bone or two (boys will be boys). Your daughter may break her glasses, those can be costly. The car may break down. Don’t underestimate the amount of things that can go wrong. Don’t fear them either; just know that those unfortunate and mostly unwelcome events are coming. When they do, if you plan and save well enough, it will be no match for you. Super parent away!

A single parent should set those priorities!

Have your priorities in order. Know what is most important, what is most urgent, and the difference between wants and needs. What works for one single parent might not work for another and this is due to the subjectivity of priorities. Make a list of your priorities in order of importance. In fact, make a daily list. Sunday night, make a list of the important things that need done on Monday. This will not only help you maintain your sanity as a single parent, but it will also help organize your thoughts. Important tasks can get lost quite easily in the frantic fray of day to day life.

A single parent needs to budget, budget, budget!

Never underestimate the power of a budget. A budget improperly made only has the power to disappoint and weaken your financial state. Create a list of all of your expenses for each week and month. Having two budgets, one for the week and the other for the month, will allow you to have a much more manageable perspective on your finances. Focus on spending as little as possible without sacrificing your needs. Having a budget will not change your financial situation, but changing your spending habits can do wonders for you. Always look for ways to save money. Consider every possibility. Buy in bulk or change the stores you buy your products from. Choose the store brand rather than the name brand. After all, the product is the same; it’s the preference that isn’t.
Life can be tough when you don’t have a partner.  This doesn’t mean that you have to live in poverty or struggle to make ends meet.  By planning for the future, setting priorities, a rainy day fund, and a great budget; you can be well on your way to financial comfort.
This article was written by Low Income Loans Australia, a blog dedicated to low income earners, providing information and tips on finances. Find circumstance based information on different financial options available to those needing financial help.
Guest Post | Simple Living Australia

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Love cheap and free baby stuff? You will love this extensive list of baby tips for saving everything on baby. Learn tips about how to shop for baby, little tricks for getting baby stuff cheap, baby food ideas and much more!

300+ smart and savvy baby tips

Make friends with other parents & save!

A mum ahead

Find a mum or friend with a baby a size bigger than yours for hand-me-downs.

A mum behind

Find a mum or friend with a baby smaller than yours to hand-down to.

A sandwich is simple

When eating out order a simple sandwich at a sandwich shop or bakery.

Accept hand-downs

Do not be too proud to accept second hand clothes.

Aldi for gear

Look out for baby gear at Aldi. They have great basics, like singlets.

Apple for baby

Aldi sell great pureed apple for baby.

Ask a handy friend

Spend a day or afternoon baby proofng your home. Enlist a tradie friend.

Ask baby questions

Ask questions they can answer you with body language, their eyes and grunts.

Sometimes less is more

Assess your needs

Create a safe place to change baby. You can do without a change table.

Avoid shampoo

You do not have to shampoo baby hair much.

Babies love to pick

For older babies give pieces of potato and soft carrot on a plate.

Babies R Us

Babies R Us often give away free samples and coupons if you sign up.

Baby food

Mince up what you are having for dinner. Save time and money.

Baby markets

Picked up my last jogger (great brand) at a baby fair for $40. Big score.

Baby puzzles

Get your toddler started with a large-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Baby talk

Talk to babies as you would talk to adults.

Baby wipes

Consider keeping wipes just for going out. Use $annels at home.

Modify a backpack for baby gear

Backpack for baby

A picnic backpack is perfect for baby gear. It has a lot of different compartments.

Bakery food is easy

Bakeries generally have good choices for bubs to nibble on.

Bath time tip

Bath baby during the day.

Be careful in the car

Never let baby nibble on food in his or her car seat while driving.

Be patient feeding

If baby loves to feed themselves be patient.

Be the best mum

Enjoy precious days together. Be con#dent in your actions. Trust your instincts.

Be coupon happy

Keep scissors handy and start cutting out coupons for baby stu%.

Be a nappy guru

Know your stuff, like the unit price of a nappy. Save money.

Become a word nut

Use every opportunity to teach words to your child. E.g. Point at cars.

Bed Routine

Open curtains and welcome day in. Close curtains and say goodbye to the day.

Get ahead of your dinners

Big cook-ups

Definitely have big cook-ups and stashes of freezer food for baby.

Blowing bubbles

Try blowing bubbles so baby might be distracted and walk accidentally.

Boiled water

Use a thermos for boiled water throughout the day and night.

Bowls and cups

Second hand shops have plastic picnic ware. Great for kids bowls and cups.


At Boxed Up you can create a wish list and then share the list with friends.

Boxes are fun

Keep small and large boxes. Baby loves to open and close the lids for play.

Breast pads trick

Soft flannels do the trick for free breast pads at home.


Breastfeed for longer. It is cheaper.

Budgeting app

There are heaps of great baby budget apps out there for free.

Bulk buy nappies

Network on this site and discuss the cheapest and best places to buy nappies.

Bulk discounts

Start a group with other parents and then contact manufacturers.

Buy a cheap pram

Buy in the U.S using bongo.us for a US shipping address if it is cheaper.

Buy bigger sizes

Get into the habit of buying the bigger size.

Buy gear at fairs

School fairs are full of mums selling their stu% for practically nothin