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Painful teeth can be a sign of bigger underlying problems.  Ignoring dental issues can complicate the issue if left unchecked. Visit a reputable dentist to get the problem dealt with as soon as possible.
Tip: Live in Perth? Read on to find an emergency dentist in Fremantle. 
There are many causes of painful teeth. Some are more treatable than others. The sooner they are looked at the better.

Causes Of Painful Teeth

As people age, their teeth become looser and are more susceptible to moving around in the gum line. This movement can cause inflammation or ulcers.
Eating food which is high in sugar and failing to maintain proper hygiene can lead to tooth decay. Decay will cause holes in your teeth and can make eating and brushing painful. It is important to reduce your sugar intake. Also brush each morning and night to prevent plaque the build-up of plaque.
Damaged nerves can cause discomfort. Pain from a damaged or infected nerve in the gum can spread to the entire mouth.

renatalferro / Pixabay

Smokers are susceptible to ulcers. This affects the gum line or roof of the mouth. These ulcers can become infected and painful.
Many people grow a third set of molars known as wisdom teeth. These teeth usually appear in the gum line from teenage years throug to late twenties. Wisdom teeth can interfere with the alignment of other teeth and cause problems. Wisdom teeth may also press down on nerves which can be painful.
Live in Perth? Consider surgery by Fremantle smiles to deal with the cause of pain.

Tooth Extraction

A dentist may suggest removing painful teeth.  This might be to stop them from becoming infected or interfering with other teeth. The dentist will remove the root to reduce the risk of infections. Gums can become tender after the extraction. Patients must be careful when eating or brushing after this procedure.

jarmoluk / Pixabay

Implants and Replacement Teeth

If teeth become damaged and painful, then it may be time to consider dental implants. Dental implants are metal screws fixed in the gum line after removal of the original tooth and root. It takes up to six months for the implants to settle. A replacement tooth is then placed on top. Implants can be expensive, so make sure to have enough money set aside before any surgery takes place.

Giuliamar / Pixabay

Crowns and Veneers

Crowns and veneers are ‘caps’ on teeth which may have become chipped or broken. Crowns and veneers make eating more of a comfortable experience.

Johnoaz / Pixabay

Root Canal Surgery

When an infected root is causing pain, root canal surgery may be necessary. This procedure completely removes the infected root. The remaining tooth is capped to protect the hollow cavity.

Unsplash / Pixabay

Seek help from an emergency dentist if you experience severe dental pain.

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Us women love a great necklace. We’re never short of great places to wear jewellery. Whether you live in a beachside suburb (like me!) or the high-end part of town, you’ll love these simple tips on how to wear necklaces. Break the rules – I dare you!

Simple tips for wearing necklaces

When it comes to necklaces, start with long pieces of jewellery and then place shorter pieces above that. So always start long and go short. Place them about three inches apart. This can be slimming because it draws the eye long and down.

Source: Glamradar.com

Source: Glamradar.com

If you are wearing a large chunky necklace make sure you keep your earrings small and vice versa. If you are wearing large earrings, don’t over accessorise with a big necklace.
Source: 4.pb.blogspot.com

Source: 4.pb.blogspot.com

You can wear jewellery on the outside of your outfit too.
Love wardrobe tips? Game changing ways to organise your wardrobe
Source: Cliqueimg.com

Source: Cliqueimg.com

You can break the rules.
Both earrings don’t have to be the same! You can mix up earrings. The new trend is ‘anything goes.’
Source: Bollywoodreplicasaree.in

Source: Bollywoodreplicasaree.in

Play with your jewellery

Use a mirror and play with your jewellery. You’ll know immediately what looks good or not. My rule of thumb is – if you hesitate don’t do it. You will know exactly what looks good. Go with your gut. Let your style be completely yours.
Tip: You can pick up awesome tips from popular online jewellery shopping store‘s as well as secure your jewellery there!

Be confident

The biggest tip for wearing jewellery is not to second guess yourself.

Source: data3.whicdn.com

Source: data3.whicdn.com

Statement necklaces and how to wear them

These can really jazz up an outfit. A statement necklace’s best friend are simple diamond studs. They are classy and go with everything. Note: These can be fake! Not everyone has diamond studs that are real!

Look at your necklace. Figure out what tones and jewels are in the necklace and then try to pair items to the necklace. For example, if your necklace has pink in it find some nice colours to go with it. If you aren’t good with colour consider even using a palette.
Source: Trend4girls.com

Source: Trend4girls.com

Choosing colors

For example, say your earrings have pastel green as in below. I googled ‘Pastel Green Palette’ to find these cute ideas. These are some colours you can wear with your earrings or necklace so you totally coordinate.

There are plenty of different metals you can pair. Yes – you can mix silver and gold since there are ‘no rules.’
Personally – I wouldn’t wear gold with silver because I’m a true blue silver girl. Try and stay in the same sensibility or ‘vibe’ when accessorising. E.g. Elegant. Make sure all the items look elegant to you.

How to match a necklace to a neckline

Basic principles:

  • The necklace and neckline shouldn’t ever compete.
  • Look at your body and make sure your necklace doesn’t exaggerate any flaws. For example, if you have cleavage choose a higher necklace.
  • Larger women with big frames should wear larger looking jewellery. Smaller women with small frames should wear smaller jewellery.

Here are some other great ideas for matching necklaces to your neckline:

  • Tank or strapless: Choose a necklace up close to your neck. Statement necklaces look really cute with a rounded statement necklace. Make sure there is ‘space’ between the necklace and your top or dress. You can also wear a longer necklace.
  • V-Neck: Match with dropdown necklaces or necklace that follows the ‘V’ shape. E.g  A cute charm that falls right just above the V.
  • Collared shirt: Same as the V but you can choose a larger necklace that shows up underneath it.
  • Collared button-up shirt: Try a cute pendant poking out under the collar. Make sure your accessory matches the buttons!
  • Crew neck top (curved): Make sure the necklace follows the line. E.g Don’t have a V-shaped necklace.
  • High neckline: These are a perfect opportunity to wear a statement necklace.
  • One shoulder necklace: Do not wear a necklace! This will just look awkward. Wear a pair of statement earrings instead.
  • Sweetheart neckline (with smaller v-line): A simple V-line necklace.
  • Turtleneck: Stick to longer necklaces
  • Cutout neckline: These are a statement anyway. Wear some statement earrings instead. Make the earrings small and understated – especially if your dress is a bold colour!
Source: s-media

Source: s-media

Biggest tip:

Only have ONE statement item, whether a necklace, earrings or other.

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OK. Today I’m starting Day 3 of my Banana Smoothie Detox. I’ve already lost 1kg (in just 2 days) doing this. I’m having my banana smoothie for breakfast and lunch, snacking on kale chips, chuppa chups and nashi pears.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I ate and did 

  1. Day 1 (Mon 9th): Banana Smoothie for breakfast and lunch. Raw Fish for dinner with a few red wines even.
  2. Day 2:(Tues 10th) Banana Smoothie for breakfast and lunch. Exercise in the morning. Steamed fish & ‘kumara’ chips. For ‘fake’ takeaway.
  3. Day 3 (Today – Wed 11th): Banana Smoothie for breakfast and lunch. Planning:

I’ve been snacking on  

  1. Kale Chips
  2. Chuppa Chups for a sweet fix
  3. Nashi pears

I’ve been drinking

  1. Water
  2. Peppermint Tea
  3. Coffee
  4. Red wine (1 night – and no more than 2) – Hubby and I were celebrating my new kitchen going in!
Banana Smoothie Detox

Image Source: Pixabay – Strecosa

Smoothie variations

  1. Day 1: Frozen Banana, Lemon, Water
  2. Day 2: Frozen Banana, Frozen Pineapple, Lemon and Water
  3. Day 3 (Today): Frozen Banana, Frozen Pineapple, Water and Mint Leaves

The mint variation today was the most delish!
This has been pretty easy because these smoothies are so filling. I’m not getting those 4pm hunger pains. They’re also quick and easy to prepare and take just a minute in my Ninja.


I feel awesome and very focused. I’ve noticed my skin has really cleared up and I have a heap more energy.

More to come on my Banana Smoothie Detox

This is so easy I might continue the smoothies during the day – as they are so convenient and easy to digest on the run. (School drop offs etc). I bought my smoothie container at K-Mart for a few bucks.
More on this to come and Happy Wednesday!
Day 3 of my Banana Smoothie Detox

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I love a good body experiment. While being an Australian finance blogger has its moments I do have a life outside of saving time and money. This week I’m an embarking on a small body experiment for four days.
Starting today – Monday and running through to Thursday night.  Yes, I’ll be eating lots of bananas (well I’ll make them more interesting) and raw fish (Oka l’a) for dinner. Bananas and fish are my little secret for keeping a sharp mind and a feeling of total health.
Just to note: I’m not an extremist. Not like the chick on YouTube who eats an incredible 50 bananas in one day. I plan to tone things down a notch with a simple banana smoothie each day, eating bananas as snacks on the run and then fish for dinner.
Come back to this post daily to discover what happened to me, how I felt and what results I got from ‘going bananas and fish.’
This experiment is part of my annual winter weight loss regime. Every winter I go on a big health kick. I find autumn and winter the best seasons for weight loss due to fewer social occasions. Further, exercising in winter is much easier. For example, running in cool weather is much nicer than slogging it out in the heat.
For now, read on to discover what’s happening this week at my house.

Australian finance blogger goes bananas

Image Source: Pixabay – Holdosi

Here’s what I’ll be drinking, eating and when

  1. Lemonade banana smoothie
  2. Banana snacks for life on the run as a busy mum
  3. Samoan raw fish for dinner

I love this lemonade banana smoothie because it includes a detoxifying lemon and also a glass of water. I’m not good at drinking water (though I do) so I like to incorporate water into food as much as possible.
Learn to save while eating bananas – Australian finance blogger is delivering tips: Save money budgeting with secrets that actually work

Breakfast, lunch and snacks

Lemonade Banana Smoothie

  1. 1 frozen banana (slice up)
  2. 1 Lemon (peeled and cut up)
  3. 1 Stick of celery (chop)
  4. 1 Glass of water

Pop the above into a small blender (I used my little Ninja) and mix until smooth.
Note: After the smoothie have another warm glass of water.
Australian Finance Blogger is saving mental health: 10 Inspiring Places to Hangout This Winter


Raw Fish – make ahead in the morning

  • 500g white fish fillets
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1⁄2 cup lemon juice
  • 1⁄2 lemon, sliced
  • 2 tomatoes, diced
  • 1 medium spring onion, finely chopped
  • 1⁄4 cup lite coconut milk + 1/4 cup water

Cut fish into cubed pieces. Sprinkle with salt then lemon juice. Cover and chill for 2 hours or overnight or until fish whitens. Stir occasionally.  Put in spring onion, coconut milk / water, tomatoes and cucumber. Garnish with 1/2 lemon slices. Serve chilled.
Note: Coconut cream and milk can be fattening. That’s why I mix it with water.
This Australian finance blogger recently featured in The AgeHow to teach kids about money in a cashless society

Here’s a list of 35 benefits of eating bananas

Source: Food Matters

  1. Help overcome depression – convert tryptophan to serotonin creating a happier mood
  2. Pack you with energy punch and help sustain blood sugar (especially before exercise)
  3. Protect against muscle cramps
  4. Counteract calcium loss during urination
  5. Build stronger bones
  6. Reduce PMS symptoms regulating blood sugar
  7. Produce stress-relieving relaxation due to regulated blood sugar
  8. Reduce swelling
  9. Protect against type II diabetes
  10. Aid weight loss
  11. Strengthen the nervous system
  12. Help with the production of white blood cells, due to high levels of vitamin B6
  13. Strengthen your blood and relieves anaemia by adding iron
  14. Are high in potassium
  15. Are low in salt
  16. Officially recognised as being able to lower blood pressure
  17. Protect against heart attack and stroke
  18. Aid digestion
  19. Remove toxins and heavy metals from the body
  20. Act as a prebiotic, stimulating the growth of friendly bacteria in the bowel.
  21. Produce digestive enzymes to assist in absorbing nutrients
  22. Reduce constipation as they’re high fibre and normalise bowel motility
  23. Soothe the digestive tract and restore lost electrolytes after diarrhoea
  24. A natural antacid – provide relief from acid reflux, heartburn, and GERD.
  25. Are the only raw fruit that can be consumed without distress to the body
  26. Relieve stomach ulcers by coating the lining of the stomach against corrosive acids
  27. Help prevent kidney cancer
  28. Protect the eyes against macular degeneration
  29. Make you smarter and keep you more alert due to high levels of potassium
  30. High in antioxidants, providing protection from free radicals and chronic disease
  31. Eat between meals to stabilise blood sugar and reduce hunger
  32. Reduce nausea from morning sickness
  33. Rub a bug bite or hives with the inside of the banana peel to relieve itching and irritation
  34. Lower the body temperature and cool you during a fever or on a hot day
  35. The natural mood-enhancer tryptophan helps to relieve Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Wish me luck. I’m pretty sure there won’t be any sadness if all the benefits above are true!
Australian Finance Blogger – Penina Petersen has written over 25,000 tips on how to save time, money and sanity. You can read them all in the one place here in the Savings Room. 


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Eating healthy is a task for many people. There are few questions capable of yielding a resounding “yes!” on a near-universal basis, but try asking any group of people either of the following queries and see whether anyone actually offers a negative response: “Would you like to eat healthier?” and, “Would you like to cut down on expenses?” Even the healthiest and richest among us are incredibly unlikely to say they wouldn’t like to improve their health and also have more money at their disposal, and there is one simple strategy capable of achieving both of these highly desirable outcomes that far too many people tend to overlook. Read on to discover some valuable tips for eating healthy in the coming seasons.

Prepare well to eat healthy

According to John Pryor, strength has many definitions. Those definitions certainly include the ability to take a patient, long-term view of improving overall health and fitness. In the experience of John Pryor, rugby players and other elite competitive athletes go to great lengths to improve their fitness, and there is one method that athletes commonly use that can be adopted by anyone whose goal is to save money while enhancing overall health and wellness. This strategy is nothing more than taking the time to prepare and maintain a raised garden bed or a small plot of land dedicated to growing produce.
Eating healthy from the garden
From a health perspective, the benefits are obvious. Having a garden that is constantly stocked with fresh produce makes it easier to create healthy meals each and every day. There is also the opportunity to enjoy a wider variety of foods than might be available at any store, as a grocer has to consider a number of factors that do not apply to an individual who grows their own produce in a garden. Bulk shipping concerns, shelf-life considerations and popularity among consumers never cross the mind of the home gardener, which means that gardeners can make choices based on nothing more than personal preference.
The other clear benefit relates to cost. Maintaining a garden is extremely cost-efficient, especially when organic methods are utilised. A compost pile will supply all of the nutrients necessary to ensure healthy plant growth, and even the most rare heirloom seeds are still unbelievably cheap. Not only are the seeds cost-efficient, but they can also be collected from the garden plants to be stored for future use. In fact, there are few expenses involved in gardening at all beyond the initial cost of getting started (which is quite low as well).
Anyone interested in an improved diet through the greater availability of healthy food options should seriously consider adding a garden of any size in whatever space they have at their disposal. Even a small garden can yield a great deal of food, and the potential savings generated by maintaining a garden can be quite substantial and represents a benefit that only grows more significant over time.

Do you have some great tips on eating healthy?

Be sure to leave them in comments below.

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11 simple ways to weight loss

by Penina

If you’ve put on a few kilos over summer, you’ll know that awful feeling that comes with the extra bulge in your belly. Don’t worry, I’m sitting here at my desk writing this with that awful feeling too. You are certainly not alone. I’ve been so enjoying my food over the Christmas and holiday period and I am now starting to wish I’d followed some of my own good pre-Christmas weight loss tips! If you are in my position and you need to get back on track in terms of what you weigh, read on to discover some simple ways to lose weight without doing too much.

Just get moving

One of the simple things you can do say to yourself is “just get moving.” I started out doing little things such as taking the kids for a walk to the shops or walking over to a nearby park. If I’m at the skate park with my son, I will take a brisk walk around the block while he’s there and just fit a little exercise in. After doing some ‘little get moving things’ I felt so good, I decided to up the anti. I managed to get my first 5km run done for 2016 after six weeks in absentia. It felt good to find that motivation again.

Go for a walk – it’s low impact and easy

Walking is low impact and one of the easiest forms of exercise you can do. Health experts say that you don’t have to do much walking for it to make a big difference in terms of fitness. Consider going on a simple 20-minute walk each day and soon you will have such a love for the act of walking that you will want to do more and more of it. While the mind may not be willing, I find the body usually is. Shortly, your body will crave exercise and you won’t even have to think about it

Watch what food goes into your mouth

One of the most important points of weight loss is to watch what goes into your mouth. Consider keeping a food journal. This is the best way to figure out what you’re eating, what is making you eat and when you are doing it. Once you read back on a food diary and realise some of your mistakes it becomes easier to fix them.

Become a vegetarian

There are a lot of calories in meat. Becoming a vegetarian is a really quick way to lose weight and fast. When my mother became a vegan she lost over 11kg within months. If you are love meat, you could become a Flexitarian, and treat yourself to great steak on a Saturday night. Going vegetarian is also a fast way to save money. Meet is one of the most expensive commodities on the market right now.

Watch inspiring YouTUBE weight loss stories

There are many people on YouTube sharing the weight loss success stories. Be sure to check out some of these amazing stories online and get some of their motivation into you. These people have been where you are and know how you feel. They’ll describe the weight loss jenny from the point of view of someone who has been where you are. This is a very important point. There’s nothing worse than a weight loss story or solution coming from someone who has never been big. They may not fully understand your situation. However, do heat the advice of fitness and health professionals who do know how to stay fit and healthy. Such professionals are, of course, an exception to this rule.

Try eating fresh fruit and veg daily

Eat food that comes in its own jacket. Discard food in packaging and any processed food that is lingering around your fridge or pantry. Using the simple rules you will loose stacks of weight. Eat fresh and you will be able to enjoy as much food as you want. Note: Be careful of eating too much fruit. Fruit can hide a loss of natural sugar, which can actually make you put on weight. Do your research on the best fruits the weight loss.

Drastically reduce sugar and carbs in your diet

If you’ve been yo-yo dieting for years you will understand that many gurus reduce or quit sugar altogether. Carbs are also a contributing factor to weight gain. If you do love carbs, consider just eating carbs in the morning and at lunchtime. This way you will be able to burn off the carbs during the day. Have a light chicken salad. Enjoy a light-weight dinner such as steamed chicken and salad. The lighter your dinner, the more weight you will lose.

Here are four more quick weight loss tips:

· Take every opportunity to exercise (E.g Taking the stairs)
· Fit exercise into your normal schedule (E.g. Walking the kids to school)
· Discover unusual ways to exercise (E.g. Learning to dance using YouTube videos)
· Do exercise you actually enjoy (E.g Dragon Boat Racing)
Got great weight loss tips? Share them in comments below.

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