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Cheap entertainment | 10 sanity saving winter projects

by Penina

Cheap entertainment is a no-brainer in winter! You have got to give winter credit and love this season for the way it lets you scoff down soup, slob around in your slippers and it’s intrinsic value for helping people to avoid having to look good in togs.
Nice one winter! You are my friend.
I’m a lover of winter because I plan projects for the season.

Here are my top four reasons for planning projects in winter

  1. Winter is cold and can get depressing.
  2. Winter can be boring without a project.
  3. There are less social occasions in winter to keep a person occupied.
  4. If I don’t have projects – I eat donuts.

There are plenty of fabulous projects you can plan for winter. Just hop onto to Pinterest and you’ll have enough gorgeous and delicious projects to last you every winter for the rest of your life.

Here are 10 winter projects for saving sanity

  1. You could take up painting for drawing.
  2. Set a number of books to read during winter.
  3. Set a winter fitness challenge. Run 10km in the pouring rain! Yeah. Why not.
  4. Get painting the inside of your house – if it needs a lick of paint.
  5. Find inspirational ideas for around the home and put them in action!
  6. Learn something new. Take up the guitar and let that voice out!
  7. Take up knitting – the new Yoga!
  8. Create home renovation scrapbooks for inspirational ideas.
  9. Organise and frame your photos.
  10. Make DIY Christmas presents.

Here are my top six tips for planning winter projects

  1. Write down the projects you wish to execute.
  2. Put some time frames around them.
  3. Make your projects work with your other goals. E.g Run 10km and lose 5kg for that spring wedding invitation.
  4. Sketch out your ideas in a notebook.
  5. Write a budget for your project and go shopping for materials.
  6. If your budget is low create projects using only items from around the house.

Projects are a great way to pass the time in winter and it is so satisfying finally venturing out on a spring day with the experience of a fabulous project under the belt and a gorgeous project complete!

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