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Cook it up on Sunday

by Penina

Enjoy This Simple Pleasure

Excerpt: Table Tucker Cookbook: And take your time. There’s no rush. It’s Sunday…

Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to enjoy a cook-up. See Cooking & Kitchen Tips for some preparation ideas that save you time during the week. The Sunday cook-up is a great tradition. You’ve had a relaxing weekend and you can enjoy the pure pleasure of cooking. 

Scan the week ahead and suss out all the little jobs you can do ahead of time. 

Listen to some great music while you have your Sunday cook-up. Go on. Put on that apron. Pull out your mixing bowls and your time-worn wooden spoons. Swan about that kitchen of yours basking in the pleasure of cooking that previous generations have always had the time to enjoy.

Dream a little out that kitchen window. 

If you have a child, involve him or her. Give your child a job to do. My toddler loves to get up on a chair and wash the dishes for me. Yeah. Great! Train them young I say! I’m not complaining. He usually ends with dishes in the bath, but that’s fine. 

Have fun. Enjoy a glass of wine. 

Fancy a little Michael Bublé with that wine perhaps?

Most of all, enjoy the sheer pleasure of an afternoon in the kitchen.
An excerpt from Table Tucker coobkook

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