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  • Roast chicken is a great way to save. Picture this: It is 5.30pm, and if you are not using a menu planning system to organise dinner, you are probably fighting for a park at the supermarket. Perhaps you are on your way to ponder life in front of a convenient and warm roast chicken stand? Meanwhile,…

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    Buy in bulk

    by Penina
    by Penina

    Buy Groceries In Bulk Your time (which is money) and the petrol savings are what really make bulk buying worth it. When you buy in bulk every month and season, Table Tucker reminds you to buy other non-food needs that might run out when you prefer they wouldn’t.  Buying these items in bulk avoids extra…

  • Enjoy This Simple Pleasure Excerpt: Table Tucker Cookbook: And take your time. There’s no rush. It’s Sunday… Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to enjoy a cook-up. See Cooking & Kitchen Tips for some preparation ideas that save you time during the week. The Sunday cook-up is a great tradition. You’ve had a relaxing weekend and you…