Day 3 – Banana Smoothie Detox (Body Experiment)

OK. Today I’m starting Day 3 of my Banana Smoothie Detox. I’ve already lost 1kg (in just 2 days) doing this. I’m having my banana smoothie for breakfast and lunch, snacking on kale chips, chuppa chups and nashi pears.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I ate and did 

  1. Day 1 (Mon 9th): Banana Smoothie for breakfast and lunch. Raw Fish for dinner with a few red wines even.
  2. Day 2:(Tues 10th) Banana Smoothie for breakfast and lunch. Exercise in the morning. Steamed fish & ‘kumara’ chips. For ‘fake’ takeaway.
  3. Day 3 (Today – Wed 11th): Banana Smoothie for breakfast and lunch. Planning:

I’ve been snacking on  

  1. Kale Chips
  2. Chuppa Chups for a sweet fix
  3. Nashi pears

I’ve been drinking

  1. Water
  2. Peppermint Tea
  3. Coffee
  4. Red wine (1 night – and no more than 2) – Hubby and I were celebrating my new kitchen going in!
Banana Smoothie Detox
Image Source: Pixabay – Strecosa

Smoothie variations

  1. Day 1: Frozen Banana, Lemon, Water
  2. Day 2: Frozen Banana, Frozen Pineapple, Lemon and Water
  3. Day 3 (Today): Frozen Banana, Frozen Pineapple, Water and Mint Leaves

The mint variation today was the most delish!

This has been pretty easy because these smoothies are so filling. I’m not getting those 4pm hunger pains. They’re also quick and easy to prepare and take just a minute in my Ninja.


I feel awesome and very focused. I’ve noticed my skin has really cleared up and I have a heap more energy.

More to come on my Banana Smoothie Detox

This is so easy I might continue the smoothies during the day – as they are so convenient and easy to digest on the run. (School drop offs etc). I bought my smoothie container at K-Mart for a few bucks.

More on this to come and Happy Wednesday!

Day 3 of my Banana Smoothie Detox