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  • Remember the three RRRs Wrap and old floral shirt or skirt around a canvas for instant art! Here are some more quick suggestions, many of which you are probably already doing, to help further reduce your impact on the planet and the impact on your wallet! Reduce Go loose, go raw, go natural, go in…

  • BodyRecycling Tips

    Earth-Happy Choices

    by Penina
    by Penina

    Eating for Earth Go organic or substitute Try organic red meat or chicken Try Kangaroo instead of red meat Buy organic or free-range eggs Try dairy or dairy substitutes Buy organic beer and wine Go Earth-happy packaging Buy beer and wine in the cardboard cartons Buy Earthy-happy toilet paper and washing powder Buy Earth-happy dishwashing…

  • Plastic is a pest. Every week Australians around the country throw out plastic milk bottles. I know in my home we go through two 3L bottles each week. Our kids love milk and drink a lot of it, as well as putting it in cereal most mornings. But the facts about plastic production are staggering.…