Earth Happy Cooking

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Cook Earth-Happy

Cook by candlelight. Burn incense. Make cooking like any great adventure you’ve been on. 

By shopping, cooking and eating with Table Tucker, your impression on the planet is already much lighter. Here are some other actions you can take to ease the ever so difficult task of eating your way to a better world (like that’s hard!). 

Use the oven light when checking on food in the oven. 

Use the right size equipment to fit the ingredients. 

Use smaller appliances when you can. Use the microwave, which is efficient. Table Tucker does this for you. 

By cooking two meals on the one night, you will save stacks of time, energy and water with washing up (see World Crunch in our seasonal apps). 

As much as possible double-up when cooking. Steam peas and carrots over boiling potatoes. Cook two meals at once in the oven. 

Turn off the oven or pan a few minutes before cooking, as it is hot enough to finish off the job. 

Get creative. Work on the ambience in the room when you cook. 

Cook by candlelight. Burn incense. Add some cultural music. 

Make cooking like any great adventure you’ve been on.