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  • If there’s one thing that gets Aussies excited, it’s food. We are truly a nation of food lovers. Which makes it is all the more surprising that we waste so much of it – 4 million tonnes a year, in fact. This is the equivalent of each one of us throwing a loaf of bread…

  • Think Ahead & Prepare Chop up all your onion, garlic and carrots for the week.  When you get back from the shops, unpack your perishable items straight from your bags into your clean fridge.   After a monthly shop, divide your meat and poultry into portions and freeze.  If your produce came in containers, use…

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    Earth Happy Cooking

    by Penina
    by Penina

    Cook Earth-Happy Cook by candlelight. Burn incense. Make cooking like any great adventure you’ve been on.  By shopping, cooking and eating with Table Tucker, your impression on the planet is already much lighter. Here are some other actions you can take to ease the ever so difficult task of eating your way to a better…