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Easy ways to save money by navigating a supermarket better

by Penina

If you are looking for easy ways to save money try improving your supermarket navigation skills! Supermarket marketers want you to grab a trolley, walk in and be so dazzled by the bright lights, music and that ‘special’ on Tim Tams, that you won’t notice throwing unnecessary items into the trolley without thinking.
Entering a supermarket these days without being affected by the marketing is a difficult task for the time-poor mum, dad, student, pensioner or busy working person on the run. The marketing is as strong as a triple shot Macchiato with three sugars. These influences are bound to break any well planned shopping trip, if succumbing to marketing becomes a regular habit!
Did you know that the way you physically navigate a store has an influence on your spending habits? As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, if you want easy ways to save money at a supermarket you have to treat this journey like a serious job and you have to approach the task like a professional athlete. This means racing down those aisles at 8km per hour, avoiding the confectionary aisle and learning to love the edges of a supermarket the way you love your furry pet or a nice vino.

Venture clockwise and shop the edges!

Shop clockwise

Shop in a clockwise direction. Shopping anti-clockwise makes you spend more. It is proven.

Shop the edges

Generally shop around the edges of the supermarket where food is not packaged.

Shop the healthy aisles

Become healthier in the long-term and save on expensive health bills!

Choose your aisles carefully

Avoid the middle aisles

Do not venture into the middle of a supermarket. There are plenty of easy ways to save money by buying fresh products, which are less packaged and less processed. For example, if you see an aisle named Confectionary keep walking to straight to the fruit section! The chip aisle is an unhealthy and expensive aisle to go down. Avoid it.

Pick the good aisles

Venture down the health food aisle for healthy alternatives and aisles on the edges which have non-packaged whole foods that are healthier for you.

Do you know about the lists?

Use aisle signage

Walk across front and back sections of a supermarket rather than venturing down each aisle. Use the aisle signage and only venture down the aisles you need for the items on your list.

Use the laminated lists

If lost read the little laminated lists at the end of each aisle. Do not wander down aisles aimlessly looking for items. Ask a service person if you are still in doubt.

Save $50 on groceries

Next time you go to the supermarket do not venture down any middle aisles. Save big money by buying fresh and unprocessed produce.

Walk fast and focused

Supermarkets put milk and bread at the back to guide you past expensive items in certain aisles. Put your blinkers on when heading through these aisles. Walk faster. Remember? You left the spuds boiling on the oven at home

Save money at the supermarket | Need more great tips?

If you need more ways to save money at the supermarket download money saving cheat sheets and printables! Use up leftovers, create quick and easy meals, find healthy budget lunch and dinner ideas!

Printables for creating budget meals and weekly menu planning

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