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Trolley tips | Terrific tips for saving at the supermarket

by Penina

The humble trolley is making waves in my world for its power to take cash out of my wallet and serve the notes up as confetti in the wind. It is hard to believe that this little metal contraption on wheels, with its little coin slot and nifty baby seat, can be such a robber of my well-guarded money.
Don’t get me wrong. Trolleys are great fun and we (my family) run around with a trolley like a new toy at Christmas.

Who doesn’t love a trolley?

Who doesn’t love the trolley for the way it can hold a handbag and carry all those too-heavy spuds and boxes of laundry powder?
Who doesn’t love how it can give a grumpy toddler a thrill with a high-speed ride down the lolly aisle?
Go the trolley for all its inherent good uses!
But the trolley has a dark side. Yes, it does.
It can make you buy more than you need, fill your house with junk food and also give you a stomach-turning grocery bill. You just want to fill that trolley up don’t you? It just doesn’t look right with just a few items in it – does it?

Carry don’t trolley

Carry it

If you are only popping in for a few items do not grab a basket or a trolley. You will only buy what you can carry.

Basket before trolley

If possible shop with a basket rather than a trolley. You will buy less and only buy essential items.

Avoid upsizing

Do not upsize your basket. Never switch your basket for a trolley if it gets too full.

Watch consumption

Trolley tricks

  • If you do take a trolley, place big items such as toilet paper in your trolley first. This will reduce the space you can fill up in the trolley.
  • Never be tempted to fill a trolley because there is space left!

Avoid over consuming

Never buy so much that goods are spilling over the top rim of your trolley, unless you are shopping for a massive family or for the month. If you frequently do this, consider shopping online. It takes forever to navigate around a supermarket to grab this much stuff. For around $9 or even free delivery you can get someone else to do it for you. Remember, your time is money!

Trolley packing trick

If shopping where you will pack your own groceries (e.g. Aldi) use three or four sturdy eco-bags and place them in the trolley. As you shop divide the items into house (for bathroom and laundry products etc), pantry, fridge and also freezer. (See At the checkout and When you get home for further tips on this point.)

Need more great tips for saving money at the supermaret?

If you need more ways to save money at the supermarket download money saving cheat sheets and printables! Use up leftovers, create quick and easy meals, find healthy budget lunch and dinner ideas!

Printables for creating budget meals and weekly menu planning

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