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Five cheap party ideas for creating a deliciously lavish party

by Penina

I love a party and especially a cheap party ideas. Parties are best thrown with creative flair! The following are some inexpensive party ideas from my 40th birthday, which were a hit! These party tricks make for a fun and inexpensive party and made my guests feel fantastic. My theme as ‘Phat on Funk’ and I wore a black sequined catsuit and afro! What a way to bring in 40!
Let me just say that a good time was had by all!
Here are five cheap party ideas that will have your guests drinking, dancing and being generally merry!

Get social points!

5 cheap party ideas for creating a deliciously lavish party

Create a lavish centre piece for the room

Take a free-standing plant or tree. String up white fairy lights on the tree and add some fake flowers from an op shop. If you have a feather boa add that too. Use extra branches from the garden and get creative with it. Wrap some funky fabric around the base of the plant.

Add fluffy stuff like fairy floss and marshmallows!

Marshmallows are great for a cost effective gathering. Buy them and stick them on skewers! Buy a couple of packets of marshmallows, put them on skewers and place them in vases. Place fairy floss in interesting glasses or vases and place them around rooms. Make sure you prepare the fairy floss just before the guests arrive or you may have melted floss at your party. Not good.

Tickle em’ happy with feathers, fabric and tinsel

You can be very creative with a great piece of fabric, a string of tinsel or a feather boa. Don’t be afraid to use fabric on the dinner table! This can instantly change the room at a dinner party and is a great addition to your cheap party ideas list! Tinsel and feathers can be placed on tables, coffee tables and even on a wall to create different effects. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to pluck a boa and use the individual feathers. Cut pieces from a string of tinsel and dot them around the house in strategic places.

Stab it up and have fun with skewers

Have fun with skewers! Skewers are fantastic for making cheap ideas look great! Place cheese cubes on long skewers and pop them in a tall glass. Stick tinsel on the end of a skewer and dress up a cocktail. Make fruit skewers and place them on an elegant square platter.

Light up their night  with white fairy lights

I have a thing for white fairy lights. They can dress up a room instantly. String them along a sideboard or hang them creatively on a wall or around a hanging picture. Just be careful not to place the lights where guests may spill a drink! Exercise caution and common sense when using fairy lights.
See! Cheap party ideas are easy if you just put your creativity to it! Have a fabulous night!

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