Speed cleaning | How to clean a living room in five minutes

speed cleaning a living room

If you want to master the art of speed cleaning you will be amazed at the results. There might be many reasons you decide to take up the challenge of cleaning a living room in five minutes! In my case, I find it fun, challenging and I just want to get the job done at turbo speed so I can sit, relax and enjoy time doing other things I love.

For the same reason as me, you may choose speed cleaning strategies for your living room! There are many great reasons to master the art of cleaning a living room. It really need not be difficult or overwhelming. These are my tips on just how to do it!

This article will make it a lot easier for anybody, even with little cleaning experience, to achieve this the goal of cleaning a living room in five minutes.

If you want to understand how to how to clean a living room in five minutes just follow these three simple steps.

Step 1: Buckets

Have the following buckets at hand:

  1. Rubbish Bin
  2. Stuff for other rooms
  3. Kitchen & Bathroom
  4. Office tray

Lining up these buckets will be significant to your success because you can quickly throw items into each bin without running around the house like a mad person. Also make sure you also have a permanent rubbish bin and a bin for kids toys in the living room. The big tip is to stay away from entering any other rooms in the house while you are cleaning the living room during this process. If you do not finish this first step correctly, then you will not get the job done in five minutes and you will exhaust yourself. Another goal, in this case, is to still have energy left once the room is clean.

Step 2: Wipe down surfaces

Once all items are in their bins and off the floor you need to wipe down surfaces. Make sure when collecting up items that you collect up like items together. For example, pick up all the kids toys first. Then pick up all rubbish and work down the list. Pick up pens and paper all at once and place in the office tray. You need to avoid spending too much time on this. Just give each surface a quick wipe together with giving everything a quick dust. Wipe down the TV, cabinets, tops of pictures and shelves etc. Make sure you use a nice smelling solution like water and Eucalpytus or tea tree oil.

Step 3: Dump your buckets

Take the dump buckets to their respective rooms. Fluff up cushions, straighten up chairs and furniture and straighten rugs. This final step of fluffing things up is important because this will complete the room making it look perfect. Be careful to steer clear of the error of going into any other rooms while conducting cleaning of the living room. Only go into other rooms to deliver your final dump buckets. Don’t vacuum at this point. Vacuuming should be done as one action for the whole house. Don’t forget to properly adhere to these three steps. When you do you should succeed in cleaning a living room in five minutes rapidly and successfully.

Merely follow the steps, doing what you must do while steering clear of the problems pointed out. Then you can celebrate and enjoy the accolades and benefits that can come with successfully cleaning a living room in five minutes! Nice one!

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Happy cleaning! You can enjoy a nice cuppa now! Great work!

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