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200+ random school holiday outings for kids

by Penina

Holidays are much more fun with a little planning. Here’s a comprehensive list of things to do in the school holidays. If the kids are driving you mad and you all need to leave the house this cheat sheet will give you some great ideas for those outings.
Busy parents are always looking for cheap things to do in the school holidays. If you are a parent who is stuck for ideas this cheat sheet is a life-saver! Stick this money-saving cheat sheet on the fridge or access on your mobile for quick reference over the school holidays. This sheet will help you to plan events ahead of time and keep the kids occupied.

Get out and about with the kids

Visit your local museum, pack a picnic and head to the park or spend a day at the beach! Just pick an activity and get out of the house. There are over 200+ ideas packed into this cheat sheet!

School holidays

200+ random school holiday outings for kids

 Ask and you will receive these holidays!

  1. Ask your local radio station for a tour
  2. Be a tourist in your own town
  3. Become part of a TV show audience
  4. Blow bubbles at the beach
  5. Book into holiday programs early

Borrow stuff to make the holidays more enjoyable

  1. Borrow audio books from the library
  2. Borrow classics from the library
  3. Borrow DVDs from the library
  4. Borrow kids’ books from the library
  5. Borrow some famous books
  6. Browse antiques at an antique store
  7. Browse home furniture stores
  8. Browse kids’ sections at a bookstore
  9. Build sand castles at the beach
  10. Buy supplies at an art store
  11. Buy your kids a cheap gi!
  12. Camp in the backyard

Catch a ride these holidays!

  1. Catch a ferry
  2. Catch a great movie together
  3. Catch a train
  4. Catch a tram
  5. Check out a sports match
  6. Check out free performances
  7. Check out sculpture exhibitions
  8. Collect shells at the beach
  9. Drive around and look at mansions
  10. Drive to a forest
  11. Drive, sing and go out for ice-cream
  12. Drive to the snow and feel snow

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Enrol and learn in the holidays

  1. Enrol in drama classes
  2. Enrol in school holiday programs
  3. Enrol in some pottery classes
  4. Enrol the kids in swimming lessons
  5. Feed the ducks at a lake
  6. Find a great go-kart venue
  7. Find a silly reason to go for a walk
  8. Find a specialist cake shop and indulge
  9. Find free community programs
  10. Find volunteer programs
  11. Fly a kite
  12. Get out and about on scooters
  13. Get your shopping essentials
  14. Give blood and take the kids

Go on adventures

  1. Go bowling with a group
  2. Go caving
  3. Go fishing off a pier
  4. Go for a boat ride
  5. Go for a bush walk
  6. Go for a drive and get a hot chocolate
  7. Go for a late afternoon swim in the ocean
  8. Go for a walk and take photos
  9. Go for rides on motorbikes
  10. Go fruit picking
  11. Go ice-skating
  12. Go on a family bike ride
  13. Go on a mall mini-train ride
  14. Go on a tour of an old winery
  15. Go on an organised city walk
  16. Go on an outdoor camping adventure
  17. Go on some factory tours
  18. Go on some group walks with kids and friends
  19. Go out for co#ee and cake
  20. Go out for “sh and chips
  21. Go out for ice-cream
  22. Go out for lunch with friends
  23. Go out for morning tea
  24. Go out for pizza
  25. Go rock-climbing
  26. Go roller-skating or roller-blading
  27. Go to a church event or fair
  28. Go to a concert
  29. Go to a drive-in movie
  30. Go to a family fun day
  31. Go to a festival
  32. Go to a free play area at a mall
  33. Go to a glass blowing demonstration
  34. Go to a great event
  35. Go to a lolly making factory
  36. Go to a magic show
  37. Go to a Medieval tourist attraction
  38. Go to a photographic exhibition
  39. Go to a puppet show
  40. Go to a skate park
  41. Go to a story-telling workshop
  42. Go to a summer concert
  43. Go to an amusement park
  44. Go to an expo
  45. Go to an games arcade
  46. Go to an interstate event
  47. Go to country fairs
  48. Go to mall outside your area for a day trip
  49. Go to mall special events
  50. Go to McDonalds
  51. Go to a carwash and wash the car
  52. Go to a Bunnings play café
  53. Go to the circus
  54. Go to the DVD shop and rent some movies
  55. Go to the hot pools
  56. Go to the local pool for the day
  57. Go to theatre rehearsals
  58. Go to your local info centre and grab brochures
  59. Go window shopping or real shopping
  60. Grab cheap toys at Savers
  61. Have breakfast at a café
  62. Have fun at a costume shop
  63. Have fun at an aquatic park
  64. Have lunch at Ikea
  65. Have lunch at the park
  66. Head to the footy
  67. Hire a canoe or kayak
  68. Hire a dingy on a river
  69. Hunt down some live music
  70. Investigate new hobbies while out
  71. Invite friends with kids over
  72. Join a playgroup
  73. Join a toy library
  74. Make movies on your phone
  75. Meet friends at the park
  76. Meet new people at Op shops
School Holidays 2016

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Organise an event for the holidays

  1. Organise a baby-sitting barter
  2. Organise a bbq lunch with friends
  3. Organise a free holiday and house swap
  4. Organise a surprise dinner for a working parent
  5. Pan for gold if you live near a mining attraction
  6. Place flowers on graves
  7. Play on a whizzy dizzy
  8. Play with gadgets at computer stores
  9. Read books at the park
  10. Rent cheap movies from a dispenser machine
  11. Roll down a hill
  12. Run errands at the post office
  13. Scour Op shops for cheap costumes
  14. Scour Op shops for old things-to-do books
  15. Shoot some hoops down at the school
  16. Sit in some hotel lobbies
  17. Spend half a day at a play café
  18. Spend the day at the beach
  19. Stay overnight in a motel somewhere

Take a day off and relax

  1. Take a bus ride
  2. Take a cemetery walk
  3. Take a drive in the country
  4. Take photos all day at scenic locations
  5. Take photos of birds on a walk
  6. Take photos of nature on a walk
  7. Take the kids to a matinee
  8. Take up bird-watching in the park
  9. Take up horse-riding
  10. Take up tennis
  11. Tour a police station
  12. Tour an historic boat or ship

Get visiting people and places

  1. Visit a beautiful lake
  2. Visit a castle
  3. Visit a childrens’ farm
  4. Visit a chocolate factory
  5. Visit a conservatory
  6. Visit a cool city kids café
  7. Visit a famous Cathedral
  8. Visit a famous tourist destination
  9. Visit a farm
  10. Visit a #re station
  11. Visit a garden and take photos of butterflies
  12. Visit a hobby shop
  13. Visit a hot house
  14. Visit a magic shop
  15. Visit a monastery
  16. Visit a museum
  17. Visit a pet store
  18. Visit a planetarium
  19. Visit a police station
  20. Visit a private garden
  21. Visit a public garden
  22. Visit a science museum
  23. Visit a street market
  24. Visit a tip store for cheap #nds
  25. Visit a weekend market
  26. Visit a well known playground
  27. Visit a wildlife park
  28. Visit a zoo
  29. Visit an animal sanctuary
  30. Visit an aquarium
  31. Visit an extinct volcano
  32. Visit an historic building
  33. Visit an historic cottage
  34. Visit an historic mansion
  35. Visit an historic town
  36. Visit different libraries in your region
  37. Visit every park in your neighbourhood
  38. Visit friends who have kids
  39. Visit grandparents
  40. Visit relatives
  41. Visit someone at work
  42. Visit the council for local information
  43. Visit the elderly
  44. Visit the lonely
  45. Visit the rose gardens and take photos
  46. Visit toyshops and play for free
  47. Visit wetlands
  48. Visit an army base
  49. Visit an art gallery

Walking is a win-win!

  1. Walk around botanical gardens
  2. Walk down a pier
  3. Walk in the rain together
  4. Walk over a big bridge
  5. Walk the dog
  6. Walk through a city park
  7. Walk through some display homes
  8. Walk to a waterfall
  9. Walk to your local mall

Watch something in the holidays

  1. Watch a parade
  2. Watch a fireworks display
  3. Watch a procession
  4. Watch planes at the airport
  5. Watch Shakespeare in the park
  6. Write a letter to Santa at the park

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