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How to have a successful garage sale – 5 grouse tips

by Penina

Learn how to have a successful garage sale with these  hot tips. Holding a garage sale can be a minefield at the best of times. Nothing ever goes to plan and the people, patterns and prices are unpredictable. For much needed guidance on how to have a successful garage sale, look no further! I’m here to solve your garage sale woes and share some valuable insights on how to have a successful yard sale so you can get more cash in your stash.

Know your stuff at your garage sale

Don’t just throw everything you possibly own out of your house and onto the front yard in the hopes that someone will pick it up and buy it. Know what you are selling, draw up a list the day before with all your major items and keep track. Making a list will help you know at the end of the day what’s sold, for how much and what you have left. A great way to start the process is by sorting your belongings into piles for storage, disposal or selling. Sometimes it can just be impossible to part with well-loved items that don’t necessarily have much practical use. This is where storage providers come in handy – for more information, click here .

Don’t be afraid to fight for it

It’s a tough game out there and you have to be prepared to stand your ground and fight for what is yours. Know how much you’re happy to haggle and don’t go any lower; twenty percent is often a strong margin to use as a guideline. If they’re not willing to take the price you’re selling it for, someone else will.
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The early bird gets asked to come back at the advertised time

There’s nothing worse than advertising your garage sale for an 8am start then waking with a start at 6am as curious neighbours and eager bargain hunters start knocking down your door. Nothing is sacred to these people when it comes to the hunt for a good bargain, so be prepared for the early risers. Remember this is a sport for some, so stick to the rules; if your sale starts at 8am, don’t open those doors until you are officially open for business.
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Don’t be desperate

Be patient. Your customers don’t want your suggestions; they can see what is on offer, and they know what they want. Suggestions to the contrary only reek of desperation. Leave them to browse and instead of hovering, relax in your lounge chair and let the punters come to you.

To learn how to have a successful garage sale understand nothing is for free

When someone asks if you can “just” throw in something else with his or her sale the answer is a clear no. Although they may have missed it, both items clearly had a price tag on them and at no point is it acceptable to ask you to give away one item simply because they bought the other. You’re not going to lose the sale; they already have the item they want and are now just playing to your good nature. Reward them with a smile and point to the price tag.Remember your garage sale is your domain. They are long and arduous days where you are tasked with managing the transactions and negotiating. Be proud of your sale; sell like a pro and smile like a winner.
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Great. You’ve learnt how to have a successful garage sale. Good luck with yours on a weekend coming soon. 

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Aspiring Millionaire April 28, 2016 - 6:16 am

Good tips, particularly the one about fighting for it. Garage sales require a lot of patience and strong will. There will always be buyers who ignore the rules and try to get something for free. The point is to resist. It’s important to set the rules and stick to them.


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