Kitchen and cooking tips

Think Ahead & Prepare

Chop up all your onion, garlic and carrots for the week. 

When you get back from the shops, unpack your perishable items straight from your bags into your clean fridge.  

After a monthly shop, divide your meat and poultry into portions and freeze. 

If your produce came in containers, use them to sort your portions in the freezer. 

To save water fill the sink with water and wash all your veggies at this point. 

Save time! Chop up all your onion, garlic and carrots for the week. 

Grate cheese and do any other jobs that might take up time during your busy week. 

Boil rice and pasta and keep in an airtight container for a quick reheat during the week. 

When placing items in the freezer and fridge bring any older items to the front and use them straight away for lunch or another extra meal. Mark them on your fridge calendar so you remember to put them into a meal. 

Once empty, put your eco bags back in your car or carry bag straightaway. Keep them in a convenient place so you don’t have to remember them next time.

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