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Life on a shoestring? 10 kickass ways to still enjoy your day

by Penina

Life on a shoestring need not be likened to sitting on a park bench in the rain without a brelly. In fact, life on a shoestring can be as exciting as a party on steroids. I’ve got proof! Check out my cheat sheet: 110 quirky ways to feel rich on a budget and you will be prancing around in a designer suit before you can say ‘Catch me if you can..’
No. Life should never be dull. It doesn’t matter whether you are eating baked beans for dinner or sucking on an oyster. A person simply needs to have the right recipe and that’s a mix of desire and creativity. That’s really is it!

Life on a shoestring can be fun!

1. Food

Eat whatever you want but do it as a salt of the earth vegetarian. Cheesy omelette on toast for brekky?

2. Party

Tell people you are busy but then hold a pot-luck party a few months from now to catch up with everyone.

3. Dating

You can still pash on the beach. You don’t need to visit expensive restaurants to get some action.

4. Computers

Be chuffed with yourself because you bought little Timmy a computer on gumtree and for cheap!

5. Internet

Drive to a Wi-Fi zone in your car and hook into their Wi-Fi on your ipad or laptop. No internet connection needed.

6. Cooking

Take up the challenge of cooking meals with fewer ingredients. These meals are fun and easy!

7. Books

Shop at allbooksforless.com.au and grab books for $3 to $5. Change your life!

8. Friends

Make friends who are also on a budget. They won’t drain your finances and they are probably very creative types!

9. Phones

Meet some new people. Seek out your local mobile phone technicians and fix your old mobile phone instead of investing in an expensive new one. Get them to give you are cool new case and your phone will feel good as new!

10. Free

Free is fun! Go on a mission and see how much stuff you can get for free this month! Visit sites like freecycle.org and get free samples online. Enter competitions. You’ll have fun and put the passion back into your day.
I’ve met some very interesting and quirky people who are loving life on a shoestring. Op shops are fantastic for random conversations with interesting, down-to-earth and highly creative strangers! Always brightens my day!

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