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Money saving tips | 10 surefire ways to waste money

by Penina

If you want money-saving tips a good tactic is to try reverse psychology on yourself. If you are a parent you will understand the power of this trick.’Darling! No please don’t tidy up your room and put all your toys away into their boxes. No! No! Don’t eat your peas and carrots. No! Not the corn too!’ Works like a charm…
In terms of saving money you can do the same. Consider your actions about how money gets wasted.  How are you throwing money into the wind every day each year? Or how is the bloke next door or the woman up the street ripping cash up and shoving it into the recycle bin? These tips will get you thinking about the common mistakes you or people on your street might be making daily.

Money saving tips | Looking at ways to waste money will get you thinking!

  1. When your phone contract runs out sign up again for the next 24 months. Lock yourself into a contract so that when technology changes you will be stuck with this plan and paying too much.
  2. Leave every light on in and the house and never walk through the house regularly to turn them off.
  3. Never leave your car at  home when you can do it cheaper by train or bus.
  4. Buy takeaway food twice a week because you just cannot be bothered cooking.
  5. Treat yourself regularly to dinner out and do it on non ‘kids eat for free’ nights.
  6. Put on weight and then continually buy clothes to fit your new body shape. Keep buying clothes to fit your new shape as you grow bigger.
  7. Organise many outings with friends that you can’t really afford.
  8. Burn up petrol by running single errands instead of grouping errands together on the one trip.
  9. Never check your bank account for miscellaneous amount debits in your account.
  10. Avoid paper work and any task that might expose your real financial situation.

Instead try these money-saving tips!

  1. When your phone contract runs out switch to a company like TPG and have them port your phone to their $14.99 plans! They use companies like Optus anyway!
  2. Walk around the house and switch lights off. Nag others in the house to do the same.
  3. Catch the train into the city or out to a regional area. Save your energy and money on parking!
  4. Keep home versions of takeaway food in the freezer. E.g Frozen pizzas or battered fish and oven fries.
  5. Make a rule to only eat out once a month or every couple of months. Mark it on the calendar.
  6. Keep the weight off. Go for a walk and get into better eating habits. Check out my Winter Boot Camp 2013.
  7. Stagger outings with friends. Fill your calendar with family ‘events’ so you don’t feel like your lying when you tell them you are booked!
  8. Group errands together. Make a list and run errands on your way to other places. E.g Kids’ school drop-offs.
  9. Check your bank balance regularly (daily if possible) to watch for any unscrupulous activity.
  10. Keep up with your paper work. Set a time each week or day (early mornings when you are fresh) to deal with the boring stuff.

Want more money-saving tips?

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