Retirement Fund | Acting 27 won’t help you retire but this calculator will!

In my world, 42 is the new 27, which was always my favourite age, so I am sticking to that figure for the rest of my days. Even so, at my actual age of 42 there are supposed to be a few boring elements of life that seem closer to other people than they do to me. Deep down I know other people are right. Even though I plan to act 27 at all parties and life events moving forward, the years are going quite fast and my kids are literally growing taller in front of my eyes. Actually, they seem to look taller and bigger when they are asking me for money. I think this is a sales trick they’ve naturally developed from their father and they are really good at it.  He puffs out his chest and has a weird smile on his face when he’s talking about money, but that’s another story.

So. If you are thinking about retirement or you know someone like me who should be thinking about retiring there is a calculator for it. You can work out your own retirement or theirs and deliver the stats to them with a genuine look of concern on your face. They might just listen and you can all retire, hit the Caribbean together and drink expensive Penina-coladas like 27 year olds, because you’ll be rich! Just hydrate as you go and you shouldn’t pass out from over-consumption. Nice one.

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