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Save by cooking recipes using supermarket roast chicken

by Penina

Roast chicken is a great way to save. Picture this: It is 5.30pm, and if you are not using a menu planning system to organise dinner, you are probably fighting for a park at the supermarket. Perhaps you are on your way to ponder life in front of a convenient and warm roast chicken stand? Meanwhile, two-year-old Missy, who just lost her dummy under the banana stand, is randomly pulling packets of crackers off the shelves. And, Master seven-year-old is hanging off the end of the trolley pleading for a pre-dinner lollipop.
If you do grab the chicken while at the supermarket, I’ve got some great ideas to help you do something great with your purchase. Read on to discover quick tips for dealing with your warm chook.

Roast chicken: What should you do with the bird?

What should you do with this highly convenient bird now that you have it happily in your grasp? Surely, the family will notice if you deliver it to the dinner table again with peas, gravy and mash?
I prefer not to be plagued with these dinner dilemmas after a tiring day. I just want to make it home to the loving arms of a couch.

Here are my top five cheap, quick and wicked ways with a roast chicken

These will get you out of the supermarket and back on the couch before you can say ‘Glass of wine anyone? ”

  • Butter chicken curry: Add shredded chicken to a jar of butter chicken curry. Serve on rice.
  • Chicken pitas: Create a delicious warm chicken wrap using salad ingredients from the fridge and your favourite sauce or dressing.
  • Pizzas: Grab a packet of pita bread, add shredded chicken and your favourite toppings. Add BBQ sauce as a base.
  • Chicken stir-fry: Fry some veggies, add soy sauce, shredded chicken and serve on Hokkien noodles.
  • Creamy chicken crepes: Add chicken and veggies to a thick chicken soup. Serve in homemade crepes. Pour a little extra soup over the top of the crepes and add some grated cheese.

Done! Dinner is sorted!

If you want more ways to save by cooking recipes using a supermarket roast chicken be sure to check out FREEZER MEALS. which includes two cooked chooks in its planner. Save up to $400 each month on groceries.
Got great ideas for using up your bird? Leave them in comments below.

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