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Save money when shopping | Tips for visiting the mall

by Penina

save money when shoppingIf you want to save money when shopping, these tips on how to save when visiting a mall will help.
A mall sure is a woman’s sacred haven. Women across the mall relish in the mall, the way housewives of yesterday relished in romance novels. They are full of tantalising smells, textures, colours, shoes and donuts. I just love the mall. Malls are light and bright and simply what fairy floss is for a kid.
Yes.  Fairy floss is great until little bobby visits the Dentist when he’s eight and is told he has to have six fillings. Poor bobby.
Well malls are a bit like this. Visit them regularly and before you know it, your bank manager will be putting you on a spending diet and banishing you to your house for the whole of winter.
Slap my hand for wanting to venture out. I just wanted a donut and a coffee really and then my card just jumped out of my wallet and paid for that 500 thread Eygptian cotton sheet set with matching Doonah cover. I had nothing to do with it, and my kid was screaming at the time and I wasn’t concentrating!

Save money when shopping | Watch your wallet

So here’s the deal.
If you visit malls and take your wallet with you and you do it twice to three times a week, you will not save money when shopping. In fact, you will become quite broke and fast.
This strategy goes three-fold at Christmas. Malls are filled with tinsel and adults who still really love Santa and want to believe in him. Heck. Christmas is the only make-believe we still get and those marketing gurus know it and they want to suck every bit of what’s left of the innocent little kid left inside of all of us and take us for a little ride on Santa’s sleigh.
So, just the way bobby now has to ration his fairy-floss eating so he doesn’t get any more fillings, so do we have to limit trips to places like malls if you want to save money when shopping. 
I recommend blocking out dedicated time for shopping, setting a timeframe (like one hour) and just take a limited sum of money.
That means if you are ‘just popping to the mall for a donut and coffee’ you take $10.
Get my drift? Have fun eating that donut won’t you….

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