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Save money at Christmas | Express your budget with gusto!

by Penina

You don’t have to go yelling through the halls like some crazy goose if you want to save money at Christmas by letting people know you are on a budget. Sure, if that is your personality go for it! But if you prefer to be subtle about the fact that you plan to spend next to nothing on pretty much everyone, there are much better ways to save money without offending pretty much everyone you know and love.
Take these steps to save money at Christmas and you can’t go wrong. Note: If you do take these steps and you do offend someone then – hey – consider yourself accountable. Take these steps at your own risk. I really have no control over whether Aunty Ngaire is a bitch. All we can do is give you the best advice we can.

Ways to save money at Christmas

  1. Set a budget. That means grabbing a pen and paper and writing a figure down on paper that is in your head. If the first figure that comes into your head is $50 great! Now there’s a challenge! I would head straight to the op shops! Funky vases for everyone! You will know in your heart, how your wallet is feeling. Go with your gut.
  2. Call up the people on your list (cull the list first – there will be some peripherals that just won’t appreciated the sentiment nor buy you a pressie back) and tell them you are on a budget. Now kindly tell them that you would like them to spend the same on you. Now you’ve made them happy and this is probably the best gift you can give someone because they can now go out and spend the extra $200 they had planned on themselves! If you have to, sell them the concept exactly this way. Most people are very happy with concepts if you simply sell them well.

And the good news for you? You’ve now got $200 – $300 spare to either put into savings, spend on New Year’s Eve celebrations or put towards your next home deposit. Nice one. ‘Thoughts that count’ really are a good pay-off. There! You have been successful in achieving your goal to save money at Christmas. Nice one!

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