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Save your energy

by Penina

Learn to Multitask

The Table Tucker goal is to free up quality chunks of time for designing more quality evenings and a more stressfree life.

Many of you will have already taken some actions toward helping the Earth. There are many books on the subject, so I’ll stick to the tips relevant to cooking. 

As a rule of thumb, use the smallest appliance you can for the dish you are cooking. 

Go for highest star rating and energy-saving light bulbs. 

While waiting for a dish to cook, go around the house and switch off all the lights that shouldn’t be on. 

Put a load of washing on while you’re at it! 

Use lids on your cookware. 

Double up on jobs and cook two meals at once. 

Switch appliances off at the wall after use. 

In the morning, place the evening’s ingredients for defrosting in the fridge. 

Cool food down to room temperature before putting it in the fridge. 

Use a stacker steamer for cooking veggies all at once. 

Partially cook spuds, pumpkin, sweet potato and other time consuming ingredients in the microwave before cooking. 

Eat raw instead of cooked foods (see Eat for Earth) 

Save your own energy by cooking two meals at once.

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