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Secrets | Online grocery shopping in less than 15 minutes

by Penina

Online grocery shopping is a must for the busy consumer. For many busy working families shopping for food can be a two-hour round trip depending on where you shop and how organised you are before leaving home. If you physically go to the supermarket to shop for food you may wish to consider switching to online grocery shopping where you can take advantage of online coupons and specials and get the job done in under 15 minutes!
Using a good system to do your online grocery shopping can save a massive amount of time.

Here is my process for completing the task of online grocery shopping in less than 15 minutes

Firstly open an account at your favourite online grocery shopping merchant or supermarket and then do this:

  • Consider grocery and cooking systems, like Freezer Meals, that give you a grocery list
  • Use the shopping list delivered by the system
  • Go to a supermarket via the web and click ‘Express Shop’
  • Paste the list into the box (and paste again into a notes box on your computer)
  • Execute each item on the list
  • Click sort by unit price to find the cheapest items
  • Set a delivery time and pay for your groceries

Job done. Here’s a cool word and definition for today:


Living life from the couch!
Got great tips on how to do your groceries at turbo speed? Share them here.

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