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8 reasons the Savings Room is the best place to SAVE & MAKE MONEY in 2015


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Enjoy a fun, clutter-free, beautiful & organised environment for saving daily. 


We're delivering the world's best tips, tricks and tools for saving on just about everything on one savvy dashboard. 


The Savings Room is mobile-friendly for all devices. Easily grab tips on the go & save faster!


We're partnering daily with cutting-edge personal finance players in Australia & abroad. 


You can reach us on all your favourite social media platforms. We can't wait to meet you & discover your tips too!


We're big believers in living stylishly on the cheap and that's reflected in everything we do. 

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Are you sick of bills piling up & NOT having ENOUGH MONEY or TIME for the more important things in life?

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Listen to my story & how we paid off $50,000 in debt in one year. Discover how you can change your life & live the way you've always wanted to.  

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Listen how you too can change your life & live the life you've always dreamed of.

Are you sick of the STRUGGLE & the DAILY GRIND? 

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Listen to my theory on why there are so many people still living on Struggle Street. 

Are you looking for quick and easy ways to find more TIME, MONEY & SANITY daily?

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Listen to how the Savings Room can help you and why I built it - for you and for me!

Do you want to learn how to SAVE THOUSANDS each year and still do it in STYLE?

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Listen to reasons why the Savings Room is the most positive and uplifting place to learn savings tricks in 2014

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Listen to how the Savings Room can deliver you the best tips at lightning speed.

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Who's talking about the Savings Room?

Blogger Penina Petersen in the Media

Kalianna Dean

The Savings Room is the kind of modern, quirky & fun place you'd like to visit on a Saturday afternoon or when it's raining outside. It's the kind of site members would be spending a lot of time on. It mixes entertaining articles with the info you need to know and does a nice job of it!

SUPER PASS >>> Your ticket to becoming a Savings Superhero!

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& wonder what to do with all that extra money!

AlisonHappy Customer

The tips in the Savings Room have been invaluable. I'm loving being more organised and having more calm and sanity in my day. Penina's tips are definitely unique, interesting and life-changing. I highly recommend joining the Savings Room.

See  you in the room!


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