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Terrific makeup tips for saving money on lips

by Penina

Makeup tips are even more terrific when they are money-savers! Whether you want to save money on cosmetics or not, there’s nothing like a great set of lips! But women across the world know that if let loose in a store like Priceline the cost of lips rises drastically. Until you entered this store full of overpriced but delicious lip products you were quite happy with your existing lip gloss or tub of Vaseline weren’t you?

Isn’t temptation expensive when it comes to the art of saving money?

Apart from beauty lips are useful for many things. I didn’t know how useful until I started reading about the true function of lips, which include:

  1. Getting food into the mouth
  2. Holding food and drink in the mouth
  3. Keeping out unwanted objects
  4. As suction for breastfeeding babies
  5. Important for toddlers testing temperature and objects
  6. Creating sounds for speech or whistling!
  7. And of course for kissing!

Wow. I am impressed with this short list. Here I was thinking that my lips were only good for the bare function of lipstick and kissing!
Well. I’ll be damned. Next time I take a bite of a hamburger I am going to thank my lips for holding all that beef, mustard and sauce in my mouth.
What a social catastrophe we would have on our hands if all people didn’t have lips! Messy.
Anyway, I am going to go out on a limb here and submit that most women really do think of their lips in terms of cosmetics, as opposed to bodily function. This is just in our inherent preening nature. We can’t help it.
So before you decide to go into an expensive department store or a Priceline and spend big money on your lips consider these three great tips:

Terrific makeup tips for saving money on lips

Brush your lips

When brushing your teeth, also brush your lips. This will get rid of the dead chapped skin on your lips. (Also great for that red wine mark you might get!)


Think of Cinnamon like cheap collagen. Look like Angelina Jolie and for cheap!


Mix Vaseline with honey, mint or lemon for a budget lip gloss.
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