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Cheap clothes | 8 winter wardrobe essentials

by Penina

Cheap clothes make styling oneself even more fun! Creativity is king! I like winter but winter is harsh in the way it can sap one’s wardrobe budget dry. A simple trip to the mall is so very tempting can’t it?  With all the latest, deliciously warm winter coats staring back at you like a cuddly little puppy. Oh they look so pat-able! You could just marry one. Take it home and go to bed with it.
But you’d be taking a big risk in terms of your finances, like any good marriage.

Keep it simple

No. I say, the best way to save money on clothes this winter is to stick to the essentials. This action is a little like dating Mr Nice Guy. You know, the type of guy who complains he never gets the girl, but who most girls choose to marry eventually. This is theory (related to sticking to the essentials) as opposed to going for the whizz-bang, fancy guy with the fast car who might cheat on you.
Ok. I digress. But you get the picture.
So, stick to the following essentials and save money on clothes, shoes and accessories by staying focused and using what is already in your wardrobe.
Sometimes, all the best that life has on offer in terms of men, money and clothes are staring you right back at you (literally) with no effort, trips to the mall or further action required.

8 winter wardrobe essentials

These are my tips for great winter essentials that will keep you warm, cosy and with enough leftover money to take in some nice winter experiences like a movie, dinner out with that Mr Nice guy you’ve ignored, or a trip to the hot springs with the girls:

  1. Two long sleeve T-shirts in black and white for wearing under garments.
  2. One very warm coat to suit your style – preferably a nice long one that keeps the tops of your legs warm!
  3. One very comfortable track suit for lounging around the house.
  4. A favourite scarf in a neutral colour so it will go with everything.
  5. A pair of stylish jeans and boots.
  6. Leggings, tights and a nice supply of warm socks.
  7. Finally pyjamas, the warmest dressing gown you can lay your hands on and your favourite pair of slippers or Ugg boots!
  8. Your trusty umbrella!

There! All ready before you can say…’Gee, it sure is cold tonight honey.’

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