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The Excuses We Make That Screw Our Money

by Penina
We could all do more. Eat better. Go for a run again soon. Call someone we love. Life is crazy and time is a luxury. We’re also guilty of making excuses too.
Here are 20 excuses people make daily (from Lifehack.Org). I’ve written alternatives in brackets to show the impact of negative thinking.
  1. I’m too old to start (It’s never too late)
  2. I’m not talented enough (I can learn anything)
  3. I wasn’t born in the right era (My era rocked)
  4. I come from a poor background (Heaps of millionaires come from poor backgrounds)
  5. I’m not smart enough (I’m smart as hell)
  6. I don’t have the support (I’m growing awesome networks)
  7. I don’t have enough time to discover what I like (I’m making time)
  8. People don’t think I’m capable (I don’t care what people think)
  9. I don’t know if I will succeed (I never give up)
  10. I’ve already dedicated myself to a different path (Change is easy)
  11. I’m not lucky enough (I’m lucky and winning)
  12. I didn’t have the right teachers (My teachers are everywhere)
  13. I’m not destined to succeed (I’m destined for awesomeness)
  14. I’m not motivated enough (I’m taking baby steps)
  15. I’m too distracted by other things (I’ve decided to make some sacrifices)
  16. I’m not educated enough (I’m educating myself on YouTUBE)
  17. I can’t handle failure (Failure breeds success}
  18. I will start tomorrow (I’m starting now)
  19. I’m not ready (I’m ready)
  20. I don’t believe I can do it (It’s possible)
Yes. It’s time to stop making excuses that keep you from reaching your dreams.

Are you making excuses when it comes to money?

Getting good with money is about securing your future. Saving money is an action many people also make excuses about.
‘Procrastination’ and ‘willpower’ are two words that come to mind.
Here are some practical examples:
  • I’m getting takeaway for the family
  • I’m moving $30 to our savings account and we’re having toasted sandwiches for tea
  • I’m buying a coffee everyday on the way to work
  • I’ll put the $20 in the piggy and bring to-go coffee from home
  • I’m heading out to a bar with friends
  • Putting $150 in our savings account and calling everyone over to my house for the night
  • I love those new sneakers – getting them
  • My old sneakers are fine – I’m putting the $120 in a savings account until my old sneakers get holes in them

Do you see where I’m going with this?

The savings from this single example add up to, drum roll….
$320 of savings this week! WOW!!!
It all sure adds up and I wasn’t even finished with that list!!!

4 Excuses We Make That Screw Our Money

I don’t have willpower – I’m a spend freak

Here’s an alternative thought:
I’m a savings freak. I never pay full price. 
Here’s the great news about saving money. If you get good at this, you will unlock a new opportunities.
If you want something you could get instant access to them with a credit card. But that would be silly and this isn’t rocket science.
Instant gratification and isn’t a healthy mindset. You’ll defer longterm financial stability.

stevepb / Pixabay

Here are some more examples:

Want new sneakers?

Do this instead:
  • Start spending less than you earn
  • Free up excess money
  • Put the extra money aside in a savings account
  • Wait for a while
  • Buy the sneakers on sale when your old one’s wear out

Want a beautiful new smile?

Rinse and repeat:
  • Start spending less than you earn
  • Free up excess money
  • Put the extra money aside in a savings account
  • Wait for a while
  • Head online to a site like www.platinumsmiledental.com.au and organise your new smile

Doing the above is good for:

  • Building savings
  • Developing good habits
  • Practising willpower
  • Getting what you want still

Mark_Mook_Fotografie / Pixabay

I can’t afford to save

Here’s an alternative thought:
Saving is a little habit I’m practising daily. 
Do this first:
If devote the extra money to paying off your debt. The interest on debt is higher than what savings accounts offer. If you don’t pay your debts off, you’ll throw more money into the wind.
Tip: Do put a little away each week even when paying off debt. Even if it’s $10 a week. Banks like to see money building in savings over time.

3112014 / Pixabay

I’m crap at budgeting

Here’s an alternative thought:
Budgeting is easy. I just have to learn how. 
Become a penny pincher, create a budget and stick to it. If you have a small budget, you may still get the sneakers. But, you are likely to buy less expensive copies instead.
Guess what? No-one will ever know!
The key message here is:
Shop smarter. Consider buying unbranded groceries. Lose cable subscriptions and watch YouTUBE instead. You’ll get that education I talked about above.
By spending less on clothes, food and general living expenses, you can save for what you actually want. Avoid short-term fixes and expenses.

Pexels / Pixabay

Budgeting is key

This is easy with mobile apps that send reports. Also look at your credit score and work at getting that perfect. Tracking spending data enables you to see any worrying spending trends.

Do this now:

Open an online savings account that’s not attached to your bank. I personally use UBank. Online banks are great because they usually don’t charge fees. They’re also not visible in your normal everyday bank account view. So if you set u a direct debit your savings will accumulate and you’ll set and forget.

FirmBee / Pixabay

Happy saving and stay positive!

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